Top Reasons to Study MBBS Abroad

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Medical School

Students in India know the challenges of attending a public or private university in the country to earn an MBBS. In addition to the limited number of seats per year in the academic program, there is also the challenge of being accepted to PG in the country after the MBBS is completed.

As a way to address these very real concerns, students from India can choose to study MBBS abroad. Making the choice to attend Spartan Health Sciences University, a globally recognized medical university, ensures students will be successful in their goals to become a medical doctor.

Eliminate the Time and Cost of the NEET Exam

Students wishing to study MBBS abroad at Spartan Health Sciences University do not have to write the NEET exam. This eliminates the cost and the time spent over the years trying to earn a position at a university in India.

Smaller Class Size and Personalize Educational Support

Many countries offer students from India the opportunity to attend their colleges and universities. However, not all of these offers to study MBBS abroad provide the small class sized, individual approach to teaching, and the exceptional faculty and facilities offered at Spartan Health Sciences University.
Access to US Teaching Hospitals for Clinical Rotations and PG

Unlike universities in China, Russia, and throughout European countries, Spartan Health Sciences University offers Green Book clinic rotations at ACGME approved teaching hospitals in the USA.

Over the past four decades, graduate placement from the MBBS program at Spartan Health Sciences University into PG programs in the USA is over 87% on the first application. In the USA, PG is provided at no cost to the student. Students can earn their entire tuition during PG, which is an exceptional way to start a professional career without any student debt.

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