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Ceres has a highly functional team of engineers, technicians, and fabricators who work round the clock, collaborating with clients in various industries. They are committed to providing quality, safe, and highly innovative mechanical engineering design solutions.

What Approach Does Ceres Use in Mechanical Engineering?

From the start to the end of all mechanical engineering design projects, they utilize advanced modeling software and certified engineering solutions. Additionally, they also offer life-cycle testing, functional testing, failure mode analysis, quality assurance, and operational acceptability.

Working Through Customer Collaboration

By collaborating with customers, they deliver a top experience that leaves the customers’ needs. The engineers are from different teams, and they work together, to actualize the “concept to completion” methodology. As a customer, you will have direct access to the design team and all services will be delivered at their best quality.

Working with Ceres for Mechanical Engineering Solutions deals with equipment and attachments that need a lot of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic functionality. Their team of engineers, technicians, fabricators, and welders has more than ten decades of combined experience in Concept Generation, Design, Specifying complex systems, and Manufacturing capabilities.

With their wide expertise and years of experience, the Ceres team understands every customer’s needs and works on the tabled ideas, transforming them into viable solutions. Whether you want to conceptualize new ideas or improve existing products, Ceres Group can do it. For more information, visit here!

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If you are considering purchasing heavy construction or maintenance equipment for your railroad track business, then you may want to think again. This is because it is generally a better idea to rent railroad track maintenance equipment than it is to buy. There are many reasons why this is so.

No Large Upfront Expense

Maintenance equipment is very expensive and when you buy it, there is a huge upfront cost to which you are committing. This can drain the business of much-needed liquid funds. If you rent, however, you only pay for the time that you are actually using the equipment. For new or smaller companies, it is a much wiser decision.

No Depreciation

Whenever you buy equipment, you will suffer from what is known as depreciation. Meaning it never gains value, it only loses value. Renters do not have this concern, however, as they are never owners of the equipment so it doesn’t matter to them what the value of the equipment might be.

No Maintenance Or Repair Costs

As an owner, you are 100% responsible for any repairs or upkeep that the railroad track maintenance equipment needs. This can get costly and also adds to the original purchase price, which was expensive to begin with. When you rent the equipment, however, the rental company is the one responsible for necessary repairs.

If you are interested in renting this type of heavy machinery, please contact Vancer at They will show you everything that they have available and even put you on a waitlist if what you need is not currently in their inventory.

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Are you looking for the best railroad track maintenance equipment in Galesburg, IL? They’ve been a leading supplier of railroad track maintenance equipment for over a decade. Their team has been providing superior quality products and services every day to help their customers succeed.

  1. Fast Response Time

They’re dedicated to providing their customers with a fast and timely response. They package and ship products out the same day they receive an order and can even ship same-day. They ensure that there’s no delay in getting the products you need when you need them.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Their customer service team is extremely friendly and ready to help with any questions or concerns you might have. They’re happy to accept and process any additional orders and even assist after the sale for as long as their customers need them.

  1. Incredible Prices

They offer exceptional pricing that allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money to install, upgrade, or maintain railroad tracks, as well as pay less overall costs to work on different railroads. They offer strong discounts for quantity.

  1. Safe and Reliable Products

Their products are safe, reliable, and able to withstand the test of time. They’re designed to minimize any possible damage that could be caused by accident or irresponsible use.


If you’re looking for the best railroad track maintenance equipment in Galesburg, IL, look no further than them. They offer superior customer service, fast response times, reliable products, and incredible prices. With all these benefits and an exceptional track record, you won’t find a better supplier anywhere than them

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It’s important to keep your equipment clean. That’s why many companies spend quite a bit of money on labor costs to keep their storage containers perfectly clean, but what you might not know is that there are more efficient solutions available. Today, there are now advanced tank washers in production that are designed to automate the process of cleaning a wide variety of storage containers.

These automated tank washers greatly simplify the methods used to clean storage containers. Rather than require an employee to perform hands-on cleaning thereby resulting in the unnecessary exposure to harsh vapors arising from the cleaning process, you can have a machine safely do the job instead. All your employee must do is load up the container and hit the start button. Then the cleaning process will take place in a confined space away from the employee to greatly minimize their exposure to vapors.

Not only that, but these processes even allow for your employees to spend their time performing other duties while the automated cleaning process is completed. This could potentially greatly reduce your labor costs while further mitigating the drawbacks of having to regularly clean storage containers. Plus, it reduces the amount of strain your employees must undergo to complete the cleaning process which will further increase job satisfaction.

Other benefits of using these automated processes include the ability to reuse the cleaning solutions being employed. By recycling your cleaning solutions after use, you can greatly reduce your water costs. While there is an option available to only use fresh water, the option to also use recycled solvents might prove to be a great way to reduce costs throughout your operation. To learn more about these highly efficient automated cleaning solutions, visit CB Mills, a division of Chicago Boiler, by visiting them online.

We are a chemical-using society. Chemicals are everywhere, and though not all bad — many make our lives much more comfortable and more manageable — some, like solvents, have select properties that make safe disposal unique.

Most household goods include several solvents that can be detrimental to the environment. It’s a well-known fact that consuming solvents can be fatal to humans, but what about the earth? How do trees, soil, and air respond to hazardous chemicals?

A solvent recovery system reduces environmental impact because it uses a solvent recycling equipment to process chemical substances. Within the process, contaminated solvents are heated safely and converted into reusable solvents.

From cleaning chemicals and cosmetics to detergents and paints, solvents can be combustible or release unhealthy vapors. Manufacturers of these products have to follow special, careful rules to reduce health risks for its employees in the making, inspecting, and packaging of these items.

Many health and beauty companies are stepping up to do their part in incorporating greener efforts that are friendlier for the environment. Organic solvents may be less harmful on the skin, for example, but can still affect the air or ground when disposed of.

As a result of the recycling proponent, businesses save money. Solvent recovery systems don’t just reduce waste. Profits increase when waste is low also.

The machines do the work, but everyone wins. Chicago Boiler, aka CB Mills, carries environmentally conscious machines for solvent recycling that get the job done with a clean conscience for chemical manufacturing businesses.