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Dental offices need to attract new patients consistently. However, many practices are unaware of the best dentistry marketing strategies to get results. The following are some tactics that will help you achieve your goals.

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Individuals searching for local dentists are likely to land on a Google My Business page. You need to optimize your page to generate more leads. A GMB page is a verified resource that should include your location, hours, and other information to help individuals choose your practice.

Invest in Long-Term SEO

When creating your SEO strategy, you must focus on long-term results. Instead of choosing trending keywords, consider adopting dentistry marketing strategies that look at the bigger picture. Choosing keywords proven to get long-term effects will prevent revising your content often.

Publish Content Often

Many dental clinics benefit from featuring a blog on their website and regularly interacting on social media. Frequent new content is one of the best dentistry marketing tactics. The more you publish content, the more likely you will expand your reach.

Video Marketing Is Valuable

Video marketing is growing in popularity to provide engaging, informative content that gets results. The best digital marketing firms can take your ideas and create compelling videos that help you reach your target audience and attract new patients.

If you need help with your dentistry marketing strategies, visit the Patient NEWS website to learn about their effective marketing plans.

Even after a customer enters your business, they may still need further direction, especially if you have a larger business with different departments. Wayfinding signage is vitally important in many indoor businesses, but it can be even more crucial in outdoor mall locations. With proper wayfinding signage, your visitors can easily navigate your company’s layout. Signage provides clarity and reassurance when your visitors are in unfamiliar surroundings.

The Types of Wayfinding Signs

The different types of signage used for wayfinding include identification signs, directional signs, informational signs, and regulatory signs. All wayfinding signs provide necessary information which helps accommodate your visitors. Professional sign companies, such as SignVisions in Peachtree City, GA, can create signage which matches your current branding and logo. Additionally, wayfinding signage is used in a digital format for message boards containing information and direction mandated for ADA compliance.

Professional Sign Design Companies Can Help You Stay in Compliance

One of the advantages of using a professional sign design company for wayfinding signs is their knowledge regarding current standards set by the U.S. Department of Justice. Standards will be met including raised tactile letters, Braille and signs which are easy to read with clear fonts and brilliant colors. Meeting the guidelines set forth, a minimum contrast of 70% should be used regarding letters and backgrounds. Signs for your business should also be designed with light on dark or dark on light design options so they are easy to see. Speak with the professionals at SignVisions who understand the standards and will make sure your signs are creative, attractive, gloss-free, and affordable.

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