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Owning knives has been a popular trend in the last several decades. Knife enthusiasts have collected a wide range of knives, from camping knives to switchblade. Some of the top categories include survival knives, stiletto knives, and automatic blades. These are a few of the best automatic knives for sale online.

What Are The Perks of a Stiletto Blade?

Characterized by a long, pointed blade, stiletto knives are an excellent defense weapon against intruders. The knife is lightweight and can penetrate within seconds. What’s more, it’s a fine collector’s item. The stiletto knife comes in two main handle colors: black or brown. Customers can purchase a light brown set or something with a steel handle. Some handles are made with an intricate design that adds a bit of classic beauty in addition to value.

What Is An Automatic Knife and Are They The Same As a Switchblade?

An automatic knife is typically smaller in size than a stiletto. Users can easily fit them into a pocket or a purse. Another term for an automatic knife is switchblade. Users can press a button to get the blade to pop out instantly.

Some of the best automatic knives for sale include the VT Stealth and the Grunt Automatic.

Both knives have strong steel blades with black handles for a polished look. The Stealth has a slightly thinner blade with a sharp point at the end. The Grunt sports a blade that’s wider with trimmed edges. And for those who prefer a little class, there’s the Havoc Automatic Spearpoint with its sharp, pointy edge and enduring sharpness.

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Knives come in all shapes and sizes, depending on where you need to use them. Whether you like carrying knives for camping or other outdoor activities, you need a blade that perfectly fits the purpose. If you need something that you can operate with one hand, you can opt for push button knives. As the name suggests, you only need to press a button, and the blade comes out from the front.

Most switchblade knives have a low profile button to ensure that they do not deploy accidentally. This security feature makes it safe to carry in your pocket or bag. With the various designs available, you can get the blade length and width you desire. The manufacturers also ensure they provide a quality handle that offers you a proper grip to avoid slipping. The handles are also in various sizes to accommodate different palm sizes.

When purchasing push button knives, you should ask the experts to educate you on the best use of each blade. No two knives are similar, and it is essential to equip your collection with high-quality blades that won’t disappoint. By working with a seasoned dealer in switchblade knives, you get the assurance of strong and durable products.

Whether you need a sleek pen knife you can carry anywhere or a hunting and camping switchblade, ensure you get it from the experts. Ordering online allows you to see a wide variety before selecting one.

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Since automatic knives are designed with efficiency in mind, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular types of blades for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. They’re also useful in extreme situations, which is why they often find their way into bugout bags and emergency kits. Of the various styles of automatic blades on the market, OTF knives are perhaps the current reigning champs in this space.

Conventional folding knives take a lot of space to deploy since they have to swing their blades out of the side. OTF knives are easier to use in situations when you need a blade suddenly and there’s no place to deploy it. Individuals looking for a strong blade in this category have increasingly turned to Benchmade OTF knife products to meet their demands.

Each Benchmade OTF knife can be customized for the user’s daily needs, and they’re designed with reliability in mind. Outdoor enthusiasts have long been concerned about folding knives since their moving parts constitute a point of failure. Benchmade’s products are among the best automatic knives for sale because they’re overengineered. Their joints can handle a much greater amount of torque than many other knives, so they should be able to stand up to a number of open and close cycles. They also normally won’t break down on impact as long as their blades don’t come into contact with something that’s extremely hard.

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When it comes to using knives as a means of survival, the prime option is an automatic knife. There are several advantages that these types of knives have over traditional knives. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use Microtech automatic knives.


With a reputation for being durable, these knives are made to be able to withstand rugged daily use. They are generally made from either stainless steel or aluminum and offer a variety of blades from which to choose to suit the utility for which you need it. Serrated blades may be chosen to cut ropes or materials that may prove to be tough to get through. Blades that have a straight edge are preferred for knives whose purpose is self-defense.


Whiile Microtech automatic knives have an aura of “danger” about them, they are actually quite safe to handle simply because you do not have to touch the blade. Since the knife is automatic, the blade retracts into the handle with the touch of a button and they are not prone to snap at the hinge-like so many folding knives do.

Check Legality

As with anything that can be used as a weapon, check the legality of automatic knives in the state or area where you live. While they are legal in many areas of the country, there are certain areas where they are not.

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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the essentials in life, and one of those essentials is a good tactical knife. These things may not seem too important until you need them for various reasons.


Tactical knives come in handy when people are camping. You need these knives to help you sharpen sticks or maybe to fight off some wild animal. Having a knife with you could also make it easier to open a fish you just caught.

First Aid

If you ever have to worry about providing first aid to someone, then having a good knife with you can help. Tactical knives have been used to cut bandages or to make bandages from fabric. You’ll be surprised how happy you’ll be now that you have a knife with you during an emergency. Some people have even used knives to pull out splinters if needed.

Getting Rescued

You could get lost out there, and having a knife with you could save your life. Sure, it can help you fight an attacker, but what you might not have considered is that a knife can be used to leave messages or make markings. If you’re lost, you can use your knife to leave messages so that others may be able to follow your path or so that you avoid walking in circles if you get lost. has a variety of knives to choose from, including some great tactical options if that’s what you want, and you can visit to find the knife that suits your needs.

It is an age old tradition to carry a pocket knife. However, in modern times, many people don’t even think about doing it. In reality, carrying a knife can provide a lot of benefits. However, there are some things you should know before going out and purchasing a knife. Read on to find out more about pocket knives, such as the Kershaw Launch knife.

What Type of Knife Do You Need?

There are two basic types of pocket knives: folding models and fixed blades. Clearly, you probably don’t want to carry a fixed blade in your pocket. This is why folding models like the Kershaw Launch knife are a good choice. When it comes to these models, you want to make sure that you get one with a secure locking mechanism. If you don’t, you could end up having an accident. Be sure to check the tension between the blade and handle to make sure it is sufficient. Folding knives come in different sizes, and can fit a wide array of pockets.

Don’t Focus On Size Too Much

Many new knife owners think getting the biggest knife is the best idea. This isn’t necessarily true. Don’t buy a knife to impress or scare other people. Buy it because it suits the needs of your daily life. Smaller knives are just as effective at cutting items or as a substitute for a multi-tool. In the end, buy a knife because it works for you.

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