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When it comes to using knives as a means of survival, the prime option is an automatic knife. There are several advantages that these types of knives have over traditional knives. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use Microtech automatic knives.


With a reputation for being durable, these knives are made to be able to withstand rugged daily use. They are generally made from either stainless steel or aluminum and offer a variety of blades from which to choose to suit the utility for which you need it. Serrated blades may be chosen to cut ropes or materials that may prove to be tough to get through. Blades that have a straight edge are preferred for knives whose purpose is self-defense.


Whiile Microtech automatic knives have an aura of “danger” about them, they are actually quite safe to handle simply because you do not have to touch the blade. Since the knife is automatic, the blade retracts into the handle with the touch of a button and they are not prone to snap at the hinge-like so many folding knives do.

Check Legality

As with anything that can be used as a weapon, check the legality of automatic knives in the state or area where you live. While they are legal in many areas of the country, there are certain areas where they are not.

If you are looking for quality automatic knives for a variety of uses, look no further than viper tec at

Whether you are planning to buy, sell or develop a land property, you will need the services of a Land Surveyor In Upson County, GA. A land surveyor has the right knowledge and expertise in determining the right boundaries of your property. Whichever project you are about to undertake, getting the right surveyor can be daunting. While many people tend to focus on the price of surveyors, there are other more important factors you need to know. These include the following:

Local Land Knowledge

Depending on the region in which your land is situated, there will always be variations in land characteristics. Therefore, it’s necessary that you hire a local land surveyor with adequate understanding and knowledge of the land you want to develop.

Exceptional Track Record

While many land surveyors are licensed, some still don’t provide high-quality services. As such, you can get referrals from construction experts. If a surveyor has a good track record, they will always have many referrals. Also, you can check for award-winning surveyors as they will provide excellent services.

Area Of Specialization

Before you select a surveyor, you may want to check their areas of specialization. Usually, there are various types of specialization in the survey industry. These include large area mapping, engineering survey, and identification survey, to mention a few. Therefore, you need to get a surveyor with enough experience in the service you are seeking.

If you are looking for a professional land surveyor in Upson County, GA, you need to get in touch with Terra Services Co., LLC at. We offer professional land surveying services to all our clients.

Review logs, communicate, and more with log books software, the digital answer to paper log books. Catch up from home, in the field, or at the warehouse. Get reminders and send updates to team members quickly and instantly, all from your mobile device.

Fascinating Features

A digital platform must possess certain qualities with its logbook software to accomplish what paper books and logs achieve. It must be user-friendly with additional advantages that include:

  • No special gadgets
  • Be easy to use and personalizable
  • Completely secure

Log books software is a digital system designed to replace paper logs, checklists, and spreadsheets to record:

  • Events
  • Notes
  • Messages
  • Images
  • And more

Eliminate delays waiting for someone at the office to verify or relay information. With logbook software, the entire team enjoys immediate real-time access to the information they need.


The software is a cloud-based system, making it simpler than software downloaded to a server. Besides not having to refer to paper logs and spreadsheets, the software puts the power of control in the palm of your and your team’s hands with benefits that include:

  • Instant communication and collaboration
  • Ensuring efficient shift to shift transition
  • Providing quick insights from real-time data
  • And much more

Logbook software is excellent for industries and businesses performing shiftwork. Click the link below to discover how log books software can revolutionize your workplace.

Call Today

Get your questions answered and schedule a FREE demonstration by visiting TryLogbook online or call toll-free (000) 000-000.

You may be wondering what a special needs trust is and why it’s so necessary. A special needs trust in Illinois can help protect your loved one with disabilities from unnecessary expenses, as well as provide for their future care. If you’re ready to learn more about trusts and how they can help, read the rest of this blog post!

A Special Needs Trust Can Help You Plan For the Future

A Special Needs Trust is a trust that’s set up to serve the needs of people with disabilities. It may sound complicated, but it’s a simple way to help you plan for your loved one’s care even if you’re no longer around.

If Your Child Is Denied SSI or Medicaid, A Trust Could Be Used to Supplement Their Income

If your child is denied SSI or Medicaid, a trust could be used to supplement their income. Oftentimes getting approved for SSI or Medicaid comes with red tape and can be an uphill battle to be approved. Without trust, your child may be left in dire straits and struggling to get by without an income. Setting up a Special needs trust in Illinois for them creates a safety net so you can ensure they will receive the care they need while they wait to get approved.

Special Needs Trusts Can Protect Assets From Being Seized By State Agencies and Creditors

Special Needs Trusts can protect assets from being seized by state agencies and creditors. This is especially important for those who may be struggling with mental illness or addiction, as they are more likely to have their benefits cut off if found guilty of a crime that may be a result of their illness. If you’re interested in setting up a special needs trust in Illinois, visit Life’s Plan Inc.

One of the most important systems in a building or home is the roof ventilation system. However, this aspect of a building is often overlooked. These ventilation systems help air to circulate throughout the attic area. They actually provide many benefits for the home. See what you need to keep in mind when addressing roof ventilation issues with a roof exhaust fan.

The Issue With Faulty Systems

When you do not have the proper equipment in place, it can cause a lot of problems for your attic space, and the home as a whole. Poor circulation in this area can promote the growth of toxic mold, problems with icing and poor energy efficiency. These are all problems that you should try to avoid. If you fail to get the right set-up, you’ll be dealing with expensive repairs later down the line. This is why it is important to recognize the need for a roof exhaust fan.

More on the Benefits

As mentioned, there are many advantages to installing a proper roof ventilation system. For one, your roof will have a longer lifespan. By maintaining an appropriate interior temperature, you save wear and tear on the shingles. You’ll also be able to keep your energy costs at an affordable rate. This is due to increased energy efficiency. In addition, you’ll enjoy consistency in temperature throughout every room. This will provide you with a comfortable environment to live or work in.

To learn more about all of your ventilation options, get in touch with Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company by visiting

The food industry is keeping up with the times and becoming a more automated world. They require modern equipment that creates products at high speeds. At one time, manufacturers had semi-automatic machines that required the presence of an operator. Now, machines can perform at high speed without human intervention. Read on to find out how to get a proper fill with piston filling machines.

Pull in Product

Piston filling machines use a piston to pull product through a cylinder and push the same product into containers. It works by the piston retracting from the cylinder as the product enters the cylinder. The machine operator can set the endpoint for the retraction. The same volume of the product enters the cylinder each fill cycle if the endpoint is not changed. The piston reverse directions when the product enters the cylinder, which forces the product out into containers.

High Volumetric Accuracy

This setup allows for the high volumetric accuracy of the filling machine. A high accurate fill allows the packaging company to meet their goals and more. If the volumetric accuracy is off, then the company will lose profits.

Save Money and Increase Profits

Piston filler accuracy can help the success of a company in various ways. It can save your company money and increase profits. You also can use the filling machines for high and low production projects.

It helps to choose the filling machine that best suits the needs of your company. It helps to get advice from specialized companies. They have experience in the manufacturing and design of devices for the food industry. Contact Filling Equipment Co Inc at for your bottle filling needs.

You should never settle when it comes to protecting your home or business. With all the crime that goes on, you want to know that your business or home is kept safe. When it comes to wireless alarm monitoring or indoor and outdoor cameras, you want to find the leading independent provider of residential and commercial security systems to the entire Chicagoland area. Alert Protective Services offers the smartest tech systems and connected devices for your home and business security. Wanting to protect your property comes with the need to reach out to a company that has smart alarm systems, doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras that help you control your aspects of security which you as the customer can access from one intuitive app on your phone.

Protecting homes and businesses since 1982, Alert Protective Services is monitored by professionals and able to monitor almost any existing security for under a dollar a day. They offer 24/7 support for cutting-edge security products and services. Alert Protective Services is making Chicago a safer place to live one home at a time. They design and install alarm systems for each home based on the needs of the local Chicago community.

When it comes to your wireless alarm monitoring, you want to know that the support is 24/7, and that the company is licensed by the state of Illinois and a member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois. With no longterm agreements and easy access to security consultants, there is no reason to turn this down. To learn more about how you can get a free quote and to speak to a consultant, visit their website.

Attractive office space can significantly benefit your small business and draw in many more clients. But, find and running a terrific location can take up loads of time and be very costly. Here are the reasons you should rent your workspace instead.


If you decided to purchase your own rental space, you need the time to search for the right property, meet with the buyer to negotiate a price, and set up the property after the sale. Not only will you pay for the monthly mortgage installments, but you pay for utilities, supplies, and furnishings. All of this must get completed while you also keep your company afloat.

Instead, you can make life much easier with workspace rental in Atlanta, GA. These have everything you need already set up, so you are ready to start working.

Less Hassle

By owning your office space, you must become the management for your location, or you must hire someone to maintain it for you. Even if you bring this help aboard, they must still refer to you to pay for repairs or make decisions about major changes. This responsibility can limit the amount of time you get to promote and sell your product or service.

Yet, workspace rental in Atlanta, GA, gets handled by an office manager, which keeps you from getting bogged down with issues about the building.

Secure a workspace rental in Atlanta, GA right away with Sage Workspace. Visit Sage Workspace for more information.

Even if you hire security guards to patrol your business, there are benefits to using electronic security in Bowling Green, KY. The use of cameras, motion sensors, and other types of electronic security will help you maintain tighter control over who has access to your business. Here are a few more benefits that investing in this type of equipment will provide.

Get an Insurance Discount

The insurance you have for your business will benefit you if you’re ever the victim of theft or vandalism. However, your premiums will reflect this protection. You can reduce what you will be required to pay each month by investing in security equipment for your business. Ahead of buying new equipment, talk to your insurer to find out what types of security equipment will offer the biggest discounts.

Protect Your Employees and Customers

Cameras and other types of security devices serve as a visual deterrent that will make criminals think twice about committing crimes on your property. This will increase the level of safety your employees and customers will experience. If your business opens early in the morning or stays open late at night, this protection will be especially beneficial.

Detect Crimes in Progress

Your security personnel can work in conjunction with your electronic security in Bowling Green, KY. The equipment will let your personnel know when criminal activity is occurring on your business property. This will make it possible to intervene in a shorter amount of time to stop the crimes from being carried out.

When you’re ready to update or add electronic security to your brick-and-mortar business, contact