The Benefits You Can Gain From Using Automatic Knives

by | May 31, 2021 | Knives

When it comes to using knives as a means of survival, the prime option is an automatic knife. There are several advantages that these types of knives have over traditional knives. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use Microtech automatic knives.


With a reputation for being durable, these knives are made to be able to withstand rugged daily use. They are generally made from either stainless steel or aluminum and offer a variety of blades from which to choose to suit the utility for which you need it. Serrated blades may be chosen to cut ropes or materials that may prove to be tough to get through. Blades that have a straight edge are preferred for knives whose purpose is self-defense.


Whiile Microtech automatic knives have an aura of “danger” about them, they are actually quite safe to handle simply because you do not have to touch the blade. Since the knife is automatic, the blade retracts into the handle with the touch of a button and they are not prone to snap at the hinge-like so many folding knives do.

Check Legality

As with anything that can be used as a weapon, check the legality of automatic knives in the state or area where you live. While they are legal in many areas of the country, there are certain areas where they are not.

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