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Every business, regardless of size, collects and maintains confidential information on clients and employees. Protecting sensitive information is a legal requirement. According to FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) as well as HIPPA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), companies must protect the sensitivity of information in their possession. Companies that fail to comply with these laws can be fined. Besides being fined, a data breach can harm the reputation of a company, which in turn can have a negative impact on the company’s financial situation. The need for document shredding in Denver is clear, but the best way to go about it is often not as obvious.

There are two distinct types of commercial document shredding: purge and recurring service. As the term suggests, purge shredding is a “one-time” event where a large volume of documents are shredded and disposed of in one operation. XpresShred is a commercial service that can provide on-site mobile shredding services, document collection, and off-site shredding as well as drop-off and shred at the company’s secure facility. Purge shredding is often a once a year undertaking. Many companies adhere to a document management plan. For the plan to be successful, the company must develop and maintain a program of regularly scheduled shredding.

Commercially available shredders are designed for personal or small volume shredding. Mobile document shredding takes place at the client’s facility. A truck comes and parks. Documents are collected and shredded on-site. If it is felt warranted, someone from the company can watch the operation. As well as on-site shredding, shredding companies can provide hard drive destruction in Denver. For large volumes of documents, off-site shredding is the logical choice. The service is similar. The only real difference is the shredding takes place in a secure, off-site location. Although the opportunity to witness the shredding operation is not available, a certificate of destruction is provided for audit purposes.

Despite the rise of technology, many businesses still rely on papers for important and legal documents. Brochures, legal documents, and many other types of documents have to be printed out on paper for many different reasons. This can open up the chances of someone catching a glimpse of confidential information. This information can be devastating to any business, making it extremely risky to keep it around. However, simply tossing the papers into the nearest garbage bin won’t deter anyone who is determined to get their hands on information. In situations such as this, paper shredding services will be able to help you out.

What Are Paper Shredding Services?

As the name of the service might suggest, paper shredding services in Los Angeles can provide a safe and discreet way for you to dispose of your confidential documents without risking any information leaks. The professional shredders will be more than happy to help you, no matter how many papers you need shredded. From a small handful of documents to literally tons of papers, you can rely on paper shredding services to make sure that your business is not at risk for leaked information. Your papers will be disposed of while you are watching so that you can be certain that nobody will ever lay eyes on the information ever again. Visit website for more details about the best paper shredding services in Los Angeles.

Why Should You Rely on Professional Shredders?

Professional shredders understand the need to be discreet and efficient. After all, they are human, too. They can understand the stress you might feel about sensitive information about your business being discovered. By meeting your standards to privacy and confidentiality, professional paper shredders will work with you to make sure that your confidential documents are destroyed in a way that you are satisfied with. In fact, many professionals will work hard to reduce the chances of employee rumors, as well as other suspicions that your employees might have.

Many businesses rely on someone on their own clerical staff to shred confidential documents. However, there are sound reasons to outsource this work to one of the Shredding Companies in Long Beach instead.

One issue involves being able to verify whether confidential documents actually were destroyed. Designating shredding as a casual task in part of a job description usually does not involve any verification procedure. Yet these documents may be classified as required by law to be shredded within a certain amount of time for privacy concerns and data protection. Professional Shredding Companies in Long Beach can provide a certificate or other form of verification that a business can use if it ever needs to prove the project was done.

Although an employer never wants to think of a trusted employee committing fraud against the organization, data breaches do occur through insiders collecting private information. In contrast, a company such as Shred Confidential has guarantees in place that make sure the documents are kept secure and not tampered with through the entire process.

One security feature is the commercial-sized equipment, making shredding much more thorough. Smaller office shredders seem to do a good job but, if somebody grabs a bag of that shredded paper, that person may be able to put the pieces together again. The shredding is done by cutting the paper into strips instead of turning it into confetti through crosscutting, as the professional shredding services do.

The supervisors might want to consider whether there is something more valuable an employee could be doing with his or her time than running a big pile of documents through a strip shredder. It could take someone an hour or two, or even more, each week to destroy documents. The person has to remove paper clips and staples as well as feed the sheets into the machine. Too thick a section of paper sheets won’t go through or may cause the machine to jam, a situation which the employee then must fix. All this can be avoided by using a professional shredding service.