Advantages of Outsourcing to Professional Shredding Companies in Long Beach

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Document Shredding

Many businesses rely on someone on their own clerical staff to shred confidential documents. However, there are sound reasons to outsource this work to one of the Shredding Companies in Long Beach instead.

One issue involves being able to verify whether confidential documents actually were destroyed. Designating shredding as a casual task in part of a job description usually does not involve any verification procedure. Yet these documents may be classified as required by law to be shredded within a certain amount of time for privacy concerns and data protection. Professional Shredding Companies in Long Beach can provide a certificate or other form of verification that a business can use if it ever needs to prove the project was done.

Although an employer never wants to think of a trusted employee committing fraud against the organization, data breaches do occur through insiders collecting private information. In contrast, a company such as Shred Confidential has guarantees in place that make sure the documents are kept secure and not tampered with through the entire process.

One security feature is the commercial-sized equipment, making shredding much more thorough. Smaller office shredders seem to do a good job but, if somebody grabs a bag of that shredded paper, that person may be able to put the pieces together again. The shredding is done by cutting the paper into strips instead of turning it into confetti through crosscutting, as the professional shredding services do.

The supervisors might want to consider whether there is something more valuable an employee could be doing with his or her time than running a big pile of documents through a strip shredder. It could take someone an hour or two, or even more, each week to destroy documents. The person has to remove paper clips and staples as well as feed the sheets into the machine. Too thick a section of paper sheets won’t go through or may cause the machine to jam, a situation which the employee then must fix. All this can be avoided by using a professional shredding service.

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