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Hair restoration in Long Island is a suitable option if you feel uneasy because of hair loss. You only require to find a specialist hair restoration clinic in Long Island for the reasons below.

Experienced Specialists

A hair restoration clinic is a specialist outfit with hair restoration doctors and technical experts. They have trained well and have the experience to administer hair restoration that uniquely covers your hair loss pattern. The team works under hair restoration doctors who know the best approach to achieve excellent results. A team working for a hair restoration clinic spends most of the time on this procedure and has more experience than someone who does it occasionally.

Variety of Hair Restoration Methods

A hair clinic offers a range of techniques for hair restoration in Long Island. They have a method if you are young, but experiencing hair loss or experiencing progressive hair loss at any age.

They have procedures such as Follicular Unit Excision if you require a small number of hair grafts and Follicular Unit Transplant when you have advanced hair loss. They will also offer specialized hair transplant and modification if you underwent a hair transplant at another place, but that did not achieve the desired results.

Long Lasting Solution

Hair restoration experts use your healthy follicles to fill balding or thinning areas. They use transplanted hairs because they resist hair loss hormone and last long. A session starts with a consultation to evaluate if you need a hair transplant and the appropriate procedure.

Quick Recovery

A hair restoration in a Long Island clinic offers simple client-friendly procedures. The specialist will do it in a way that allows return to regular activities within a day or two. Restoration specialists work with you within your schedule.

Call for More Details

Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a long-serving hair transplant clinic serving the New York City, tri-state, Long Island, and surrounding states. They have more than 20 year’s surgical hair restoration experience and a record of success. Call 516-487-3797 or visit for more information.

While most people know that you have to brush your hair on a regular basis in order to maintain its health. However, if you have curly hair, it can often be quite a chore. With that being said, here are some expert tips on how to use your curly hair brush in the best manner possible.

Get A Grip

Make sure that you are able to grip the handle of the brush in a comfortable manner. If the handle is uncomfortable, you are more likely to try and hurry through the airbrushing and inadvertently damage your hair. A comfortable handle is a key to maintaining proper brushing techniques.

Material Matters

What the bristles of your hairbrush are made of is a matter of importance, especially if you have curly hair. Hair salon industry experts all state that plastic bristles should be avoided when you have curly hair. Instead, you should choose a quality brush that has bristles made from either boar hair or nylon.

Ban The “Massage” Hairbrushes

Many high-quality hairbrushes have massage balls at the end of the bristles. While these are great in any other situation when you use them with curly hair they can lead to disaster. The main reason for this is that the massage balls will get caught in the curls and create snarls. This is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. It is best to stick with a specific curly hair brush to use on your hair.

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Healthy hair starts with good brushing. Brushing your hair helps distribute oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair, encouraging natural shine and strength. If you have curly hair, you know how difficult brushing your locks can be. However, there is a curly hair detangling brush that can help. Here’s how the proper curly hair detangling brush keeps your hair looking its best.

A Detangling Brush Removes Obstacles to Brushing

Curly hair has a natural tendency to get tangled. Removing the tangles while brushing prevents these unpleasant knots from occurring. Using a detangler brush does double duty in that it removes the knots and tangles while simultaneously brushing your curls into smooth, silky, healthy waves with bounce. If done daily and after washing your hair, your hair will become more manageable and it will still be beautiful.

The Strands of Hair Are Separated via the Detangling Bristles

The bristles in a detangling brush gently pull the looser strands from the tangles on your head. What is left are the tinier knots that eventually let go and relax. Regular use of the brush can keep your hair looking the best possible. Use it before bed at night and again in the morning to keep tangles at bay. Use it after washing your hair to make sure no tangles develop during or after the washing process.

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A bad hair day is something that everyone can identify with. However, having hair this tangled or that is constantly a mess can actually make your hair fragile and prone to damage. Using a hair detangler brush can be a great way to avoid this problem.

Less Breakage

The bristles on a detangler brush are much wider than on a traditional brush. This allows them to move through the tangled hair without actually snapping it or otherwise damaging it.

Takes Care of Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, it can sometimes be a struggle to maintain them. However, with a detangling brush, it can move through the curls without splitting them apart like brushes with close bristles tend to do.

Works Great With Hair Dye

Is there anything that is more of a hassle than dying your own hair? However, many people feel that it is something that needs to be done. When dying your hair, use a detangler brush to separate the hair so that the hairs separate in a proper fashion and are able to accept the dye to fully cover the hair.

Oil Redistribution

Many people don’t think about their natural hair oils too often, but they are quite necessary for the health and shine of your hair. A hair detangler brush will help to redistribute the oil in your hair so that it is not just present in one spot.

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Have you been constantly looking for efficient and effective ways to tame your wildly curly, beautiful hair? Do you constantly experience drama trying to keep your hair style maintained each morning, especially after a wash day? Even with the right products, it can be hard to manage. What if the answer to your daily routine problems was as simple as using a different hairbrush? Here are two simple reasons why you should use detangler brush for your daily hair care.

A Brush for Curly, Wavy and even Straight Hair

One of the top reasons why you should start using a detangler brush is that this type of brush was designed to support curly, wavy, kinky and even straight hair. This means you will be using a type of brush that will provide you with the versatility and flexibility needed to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. If you’ve already got a hair style that you love, but you want it to look exactly like it did when you left the salon then you need to look into getting a detangler brush. It keeps the wavy, curly and kinky hair style you love, but it also detangles and removes the knots that keep your hair from looking like you just left the salon.

Save Time, Less Pain

Another reason why you should start using a curly hair detangler brush is so that you can save time and experience less pain when taking care of your hair. A detangler brush provides versatility and flexibility as mentioned already, but it also has flexible bristles that flow with your hair. Easily and effectively removing the tangles and knots that cause all of us with curly hair so much pain. There’s no more hacking or yanking on a normal comb to get the knots out. A detangler brush gets the tangles out smoothly and does it much easier than a normal comb or brush.

The Brush That Started a Movement

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When you consider natural hair types, the 4c texture is the most tightly coiled in comparison to all others. Because of these intricate twists, 4c hair is typically dryer, has tremendous shrinkage, and is more likely to break. To correctly care for this kind of hair, you will need patience and the right products to handle its delicate nature. Below are the reasons why 4c hair needs different moisturizers than other hair textures.

Must Fight Shrinkage and Tangles

When natural hair shrinks, it goes from being lengthy and stretched to a tighter, deeply compacted coil. When this happens, it is completely normal and is a sign that your hair is healthy, well-hydrated, and has terrific resiliency. Sadly, these tight spirals can often result in more tangles within your hair. To combat these snarls, you should keep your hair conditioned with a moisturizer for 4c hair.

Increased Dryness

The beautiful tight curls of 4c hair make it harder for oils from your scalp to saturate your tresses. The intricate patterns often prevent the natural lubricate from reaching from the root to the tips. Because of this, you will see 4c hair as dry, brittle, and easily broken. With the right moisturizer for 4c hair, you will see enhanced curls and increased length that lasts for quite a while.

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