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Every pet owner who is serious about taking care of him or her eventually finds that the beloved pet is often treated like a member of the family. Pets are treated just like children by their owners. Children must be kept clean and healthy. In like manner, pets must be groomed. A Dog Training academy that does Dog Grooming in Menifee, CA ensures that your dog will be carefully groomed and treated as if the caregivers owned him or her. Here are some things you want to make sure happens with your dog when he or she is going for grooming care.

  • To help your dog get ready for a trip to the grooming center, it might be less stressful on your canine family member if you give him or her a minor brush down and a massage. Anything you can do will make it less difficult on you and your pet. It will help the groomer out, too.
  • Ensure before you bring your dog in for grooming, that all rabies shots and other medical information is up-to-date. You should have this certifiable information with you when you make your visit.
  • It is also to your advantage to ensure that the person you are dropping your dog off to has the proper credentials and that the license are in plain view. Anyone could just open a shop and not be certified.
  • If your dog requires special needs, be sure to bring this to the attention of the groomer that is taking care of your dog. Just like all people are not alike, all dogs are not alike.

The Epic Dog Academy offers grooming services for dogs their complete grooming services range from nail and claw clipping to hair de-matting. In addition, on-call veterinary services are available for your pet. If you’re looking for Dog Grooming in Menifee, CA, Epic Dog Academy is the place to go. Visit their website for more information.