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It’s difficult for any company to thrive without having the right employees. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to screen anyone your company is thinking about hiring. Here are three beneficial reasons for your business to conduct pre-employment screenings.

Finding the Best Match for Your Opening

After most companies post job openings, they often begin receiving a wave of applications. This can make it time-consuming and difficult to find the perfect employee. By screening applicants, you’ll have an easier time achieving this goal. As an example, you wouldn’t want someone convicted of automobile theft to be driving company vehicles. You also wouldn’t want someone convicted of theft around expensive company products and equipment. If you’re screening employees properly, you can avoid these potentially problematic situations.

Ensuring You’re Hiring Honest People

For most people, getting a new job is a major opportunity. This means that certain people might tell one or several lies to get a job. While it’s nice to assume all of your applicants are honest, this isn’t always the case. To find out the truth about your applicant’s education and work history, conduct pre-employment screenings.

Protecting Yourself and Your Employees

No employee should live in fear of coming into work. Unfortunately, this might be the reality in workplaces not using employee screenings. If you’re not screening your employees, your workers might be around dangerous individuals. This might lead to some type of altercation between these individuals and other employees. If this happens, your company will likely be found liable for damages. Employee screening helps you avoid making costly hiring mistakes.

In conclusion, it’s wise for your business to begin screening employees. If your company is needing to conduct employment screenings, contact Innovative Employee Solutions.

It’s hard to get good permanent help. And when you’re trying to find people for temporary staffing needs, it can be just as challenging. For one thing, most people prefer having full-time jobs, as they’ve got bills to pay. But whatever your reasons for hiring temporary workers, an experienced temporary staffing firm can help.

Less Expensive in Long Run
A Jacksonville Temporary Staffing agency will cost you less over time. The cost of hiring each individual can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, which is money wasted if those employees don’t work out. It would also cost you more to promote various job openings, review resumes and schedule interviews on your own.

More Workers
Most temporary staffing agencies have access to far more workers than you could find on your own. Some may have even worked with the staffing company in the past. And if you have to hire dozens or even hundreds of workers during peak seasons, your temporary staffing agency can get them in place faster.

Relieves Stress
Face it, hiring employees is one of the more time-consuming responsibilities you have. That’s why you probably start looking for these workers months in advance. It’s also stressful because of time-crunch considerations. Your Jacksonville Temporary Staffing representative can help relieve those worries because it’s more efficient with the hiring process.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Temporary staffing agencies can directly help you improve customer satisfaction. If you need temporary workers to answer questions or take orders, you’re staffing company can meet the challenge. And having the additional workers will keep your customers satisfied. On the contrary, not having enough people to answer calls will upset customers and lose your business.

Specialized Needs
You may need to hire people to work in a specific industry, including hazmat workers, which are harder to find. And if you find a Jacksonville Temporary Staffing company that can help, your problem is solved. Let us make the hiring easier for you, visit the website.

Finding employees to keep your business fully staffed can be quite difficult. In some situations, employees aren’t qualified. In other instances, they put in an application but don’t follow through when the time comes to put in the hours. For this reason, many companies have decided to turn to contingent workforce solutions. These solutions allow you to hire employees on an on-demand basis through outsourcing agencies. These agencies ensure the employees who come to your place of business are the best fit possible. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of this form of hiring, allowing you to decide whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Saving Money

One of the benefits to contingent workforce solutions is the money your business saves. In many cases, contingent workers are hired in at base pay due to the fact they aren’t considered full-time employees. This also means they aren’t eligible for the benefits you offer your other employees. These contract workers are content with working as needed, whether it’s remotely or on-site. When choosing this type of employment, you find your business better able to meet demand when needs arise.


Flexibility is another huge advantage to using contingent workforce solutions. If you operate a business that isn’t busy year round or often has influxes of orders or demand, these services can be invaluable. Having the ability to reach out to an outsourcing agency to hire the help you need almost immediately leaves you without the stress or worry you won’t be able to meet the demand placed on your business at the time. When the need has passed, these workers move on to their next job with the experience you’ve provided. This gives you options to use them again when the same issue occurs.

For more information on contingent workforce solutions, visit Innovative Employee Solutions on their website or call .

Are you still manually recording your worker’s time? While you may think that a pen and paper method is helping to save you money, it may actually be costing you in ways you aren’t even aware of. The best way to minimize your payroll losses is by utilizing professional payroll service providers. However, it is also a good idea to learn how manual payroll recording may be costing you.

Time Theft by Employees

There are a number of ways that manual time and attendance systems can be manipulated. A few examples are padding and “buddy punching.” There are some larger employers that make the switch to an automated time tracking system and are surprised to see the reduction in hours the first pay period. Even if it is only a small reduction, the savings will add up quickly.

Insufficient or Inaccurate Records

When you use professional payroll service providers you can feel confident that everything recorded is accurate. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your allocation of human resources. In the long run, this will also help you increase your business’s overall productivity.

Increased Overtime

If you are still using manual, pen and paper for timekeeping, there are no built-in notifications that will inform managers when a worker is getting close to the number of hours they are authorized to work. If manual timekeeping is used, chances are you are paying much more than you should in overtime pay for workers.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your payroll spending, then consider using professional payroll service providers.

Find out more about professional payroll services by visiting the Innovative Employee Solutions website.