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Different areas of the world have developed a variety of different governing policies regarding the use of data. There are also specific industry regulations regarding data classification and security requirements mandated for all businesses operating in these industries.

For any business, working with cloud storage providers with a clear understanding of specific data governance policies and a focus on security for their cloud services should be a priority.

Location of Data Storage

There are cloud storage providers offering data centers in different parts of the world. However, it is important to remember that data governance and security requirements are dictated by the country where the data is stored.

Working with cloud providers with data centers in different countries allows businesses to choose where to store their data. Working with the provider to ensure the required security levels are in place at that center is always the responsibility of the business. Cloud providers also offer support and insight into options for storing data to be in regulatory compliance.

Encryption of Data

Not all cloud storage providers provide the same level of security when it comes to data encryption. Generally, with any sensitive information, including personal data, security should include end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption means the data is encrypted from the point of origination in the system to the cloud, within the cloud, and accessed from the cloud. Always consider the level of security, the type of encryption, and the reputation of the provider when it comes to transparency and notification policies about breaches and data loss. Visit for more information.

One of the unique aspects of today’s cloud computing and hosting services is the variety of different services they offer for their customers. Small to large businesses can choose managed services, cloud solutions, or they can opt to use the space in a COLO data center.

COLO Details

A COLO data center is not known as a hosting company or a cloud service provider. The term COLO is a short version of colocation, which simply means the data center has space available to locate and house the physical server for the business.

The simple way to think of a COLO is a space rental facility. There are specific areas and racks in the data center that are rented out to house both network equipment as well as actual physical servers. At the same time, the data center staff is there to set up and install the equipment and manage the server and equipment as needed.

Multiple Locations

For some businesses, using a COLO data center with locations around the world is a priority. This allows the business to locate their servers in various areas to provide compliance with data storage requirements or to improve the business or end-user experience.

With the use of COLO technology, the business does not have to find locations to set up, maintain, and house their servers in different geographic areas. Using a COLO facility makes the process simple, reduces the costs and also ensures the server and network equipment is properly maintained. Visit for more information!

Choosing a private cloud service provider is a serious consideration for any business. In selecting from private cloud providers, it is common to review the price and the basics of the service, which are important factors to consider.

However, there are at least three other critical elements to consider when comparing private cloud providers. The information should be readily available on the company’s website, which makes it easy to research and review the possible providers.

Technology and Services

Look at the level of network connections and technology services offered by the provider. Top providers offer different options such as security-as-a-service, storage-as-a-service, backup-as-a-service, and disaster recovery-as-a-service.

In addition to these service options, review the provider’s reputation for security and customer service as part of their overall online feedback from current and past customers.

Level of Automation

The level of automation in the monitoring of systems, facilities, and servers is a critical factor. The more that these routine tasks are automated, and the easier it is to quickly and effectively ingrate new software into the server, the better it is for a business.

Automation also provides a simple dashboard option to view the server in real-time, evaluating performance, and addressing any necessary changes to the software or the infrastructure of the server.

Location of Data Centers

Not all private cloud providers offer data centers that are located throughout the world. The location of the data center is critical for the speed and performance of online services, websites, and access to cloud-based software and data storage.

Take the time to compare these factors before choosing a cloud provider. It may also be important to check the availability of hybrid clouds or specialized clouds for different industry applications. Visit to learn more.