What Is A COLO Data Center?

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Web Hosting Company

One of the unique aspects of today’s cloud computing and hosting services is the variety of different services they offer for their customers. Small to large businesses can choose managed services, cloud solutions, or they can opt to use the space in a COLO data center.

COLO Details

A COLO data center is not known as a hosting company or a cloud service provider. The term COLO is a short version of colocation, which simply means the data center has space available to locate and house the physical server for the business.

The simple way to think of a COLO is a space rental facility. There are specific areas and racks in the data center that are rented out to house both network equipment as well as actual physical servers. At the same time, the data center staff is there to set up and install the equipment and manage the server and equipment as needed.

Multiple Locations

For some businesses, using a COLO data center with locations around the world is a priority. This allows the business to locate their servers in various areas to provide compliance with data storage requirements or to improve the business or end-user experience.

With the use of COLO technology, the business does not have to find locations to set up, maintain, and house their servers in different geographic areas. Using a COLO facility makes the process simple, reduces the costs and also ensures the server and network equipment is properly maintained. Visit www.webwerks.in for more information!

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