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Many people prefer to use a fast drying hand dryer after washing their hands. There are multiple benefits to doing so. From energy efficiency to style, here are a few things you may not have known about the benefits of using a hand dryer.

Energy Efficient

With the invention of modern technology many hand dryers are now being designed with energy efficiency in mind. This means that not only are they using less power to produce the same drying power, but that they can dry faster as well. With the number of users the hand dryer serves each day, less time and energy can mean a lot of savings. This usage of less power could be reflected in your energy bill. This could be a comfort both to the owner and to the customers they serve, as many customers like to know the businesses they frequent are doing their part to help the environment.

Health Conscious

Many people feel that the fast drying hand dryer is the most sanitary of all drying choices. This is due to the availability of motion sensitive models which allow a user to activate the dryer without having to touch it. Similarly, as the heat from the dryer evaporates the water off the hands, there’s also no need to touch the handle of a towel dispenser or a trash can. This may help the health conscious customer dry their hands with peace of mind.

Various Styles

Hand dryers are offered in a number of styles. This can include everything from color and finishes to the mode of operation. Finishes can include white, silver and black in both polished or brushed look to complement your bathroom decor. Units also come with a traditional button or motion activation depending on the model. Hand dryers also have different hand placement types available. These can include those that mount on the wall with the hands placed under the vent, as well as those mounted waist high in which the hands are lowered into the drying area from above.

The use of a fast drying hand dryer has a number of benefits. Not only are there a number of styles from motion sensitive to a waist high model, but many now come with energy efficient designs. They can also be a benefit to the health conscious as many don’t require the user to touch the machine. Next time you need to purchase, or even just use, a hand dryer maybe a few of these things will come to mind. For more information, visit