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Corrugated box manufacturers can create boxes of all shapes and sizes. Businesses who rely on corrugated boxes to pack and ship efficiently may have any number of specific needs that corrugated box manufacturers can help with. Many businesses use certain sizes of boxes and need custom quantities of unusual types of boxes. They can also run into problems with boxes that aren’t sturdy enough, so a box manufacturer can help them get everything just right. Box manufacturers create custom sizes, designs, and cardboard weights as needed for their customers.

Businesses are often looking for branding on their boxes. Box manufacturers are able to help with structural design development, samples, and different types of branding. Boxes can have a large variety of design options in their construction, which is popular with businesses who offer boutique or custom products. Printing on the boxes is often done with two colors, but there are also ways to add full-color printing to a box. Some manufacturers use additional labels for custom boxes. These labels can be printed in full color with lithograph printing.

Box manufacturers are also a great source for stock boxes, which may work for many applications. Typical stock boxes are often called RSC boxes, or regular slotted container boxes. People also buy their stock boxes die-cut and by the sheet. For exceptionally strong boxes, they may look at FOL boxes. Also called full overlap boxes, these have flaps that reach the opposite edge of the box. They handle significantly heavier loads than RSC boxes.

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Do you own and operate a retail establishment and are now offering shipping services to your customers as a result of the pandemic? Are you now wondering about the types of shipping materials you should use to not only secure your products but to also promote and market your business to stay competitive? If so, then here are two ways using custom corrugated boxes can support business growth.

Attract Clients

One of the most effective ways using custom corrugated boxes with your company name and/or logo can support business growth is that it will attract clients to your business. As you are aware, your products will make their way through a network of logistics facilities during shipment. While on transit, clients and other customers can see your branding, marking your company’s presence and attracting them to your business.

Highly Durable

Another effective way utilizing custom corrugated boxes with your company name and/or logo can support business growth is that it will provide you with cost-saving advantages as they are made from highly durable material. This means that you will be using a type of shipping material that will protect and secure your products, allowing you to provide top-notch products and services to your consumers for a loyal customer base.

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If you are starting an online store, not only must your product packaging be right but you’ll have to consider the shipping boxes as well. Because you want to ensure that your product arrives at your customer unscathed, it is important that you choose a box that can thoroughly protect it. If you are looking for corrugated boxes at wholesale prices, here are some things you should know.
Choosing a Box

Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes come in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the specific use. Here are four types of corrugated boxes and what they would be best suited for:

  • Single-phase – This is basically just one to two thin sheets of corrugated material that is typically reserved for wrapping a product before placing it inside of a box. Its main purpose is to protect the product from damage.
  • Single Wall – The single wall corrugated box is made up of a medium sheet of corrugated that is sandwiched between two sheets of liner board. This can be used in retail packaging as well as shipping.
  • Double Wallboard – More rigid than the single wall, this is made up of two layers of medium corrugated, and three layers of liner board. This packaging works well for heavier items as well as those that are more fragile.
  • Triple Wallboard – Made with three medium corrugated layers and four liner board layers, this is the strongest of them all and is great for shipping industrial parts.

When searching corrugated boxes for wholesale, it is important that you consider the weight and fragility of your product. This will ensure that your products are well-kept during the shipping process, and eliminate any potential issues.

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How to Select Shipping Boxes for Your Products

Corrugated Shipping Boxes are an inexpensive and practical way for businesses to ship goods to their customers. As they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, a suitable box can be found for most products. Stock boxes are common types that can be ordered quickly and cheaply as they are already made. Custom boxes can also be made to hold a specific product.

Choose the Size

The box must be the right size to hold the item and any necessary packing material. Fragile items may need extra packing. A box that is too large can be more expensive to buy and ship, and items may be damaged unless extra packing is used.

Choose the Style

The best type of box depends on the shape, size, weight, and fragility of your product. The typical cardboard box with closing top flaps, known as a regular slotted container, is good for many products, especially if they are bulky or heavy. A custom design with fully overlapping flaps allows a more secure closing.

Folder boxes are shipped to your business flat and then folded into a box shape. They work well for flat or narrow items. Die-cut boxes folding boxes have precisely cut end flaps and slots to make them hold together more securely. These can give your products a nicer presentation.

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