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Art galleries have long been, and still remain, one of the primary ways of acquiring art, but as more and more artists advertise their work online many people are simply looking online and deciding whether they want to take the time to go to the gallery or just stay in for the night. There are many Chicago modern art galleries where you can view pieces by up and coming artists, so get out there and check some of them out. You will not regret it, and you will be helping the art community. Here are a few reasons we must continue to support local art galleries.

They Generate Exposure

Art galleries are one of the best ways for new artists to be seen. Sure, they could post their work online, but to truly appreciate a piece it must be seen in person. Since galleries usually screen their applicant’s anyway, collectors can go in knowing what level of quality to expect. When you post online, there is no rating or mark to set an artist aside and make it easier for collectors and artists to work together.

It is an Excellent Networking Opportunity

Going to an art gallery, especially an event is a great way to network with others in the art community. You have the opportunity to meet both artists and investors. There really is no better way to meet other people from around the community with a shared taste for art than at an art gallery.

You Know Exactly What You Are Getting

The problem with viewing art online is that you do not truly know what you are getting. Yes, you get to see the piece, but you see it as it is presented in the picture. Pictures can be affected by lighting, background, filter, and a number of other factors. These can let someone take a picture that will display the piece in a very flattering light without actually altering the photo, but it may not be what you are expecting. When you go to an art gallery your art getting a firsthand look at it before you decide whether to buy or not.

If you are touring Chicago modern art galleries, then check out Art Post Gallery. You can learn more on their website at .

There comes a point in the lives of many young adults when they decide it’s time to learn something about wine. They want to progress beyond the super-cheap beverages they’ve been buying at the grocery store and become more knowledgeable about varieties. Shopping at a Local Wine Store is a fine place to begin, but they’ll want to learn a little bit about flavors before stopping in.

So, which wines should the beginner start with at a Local Wine Store? If he or she has indulged in some cheap wine by the bottle or has been able to try something of better quality at a restaurant or a friend’s home, this person may have some idea about preferences. The customer may like sweeter, lighter flavors of certain white wines or may feel intrigued by a more full-bodied red wine.

Starting with a light white wine such as Pinot Grigio or Riesling is a possibility, and white Zinfandel tends to be pleasing to nearly everyone. People who like really sweet wine may find Moscato to be favorable. For red wine, petite Syrah and Shiraz are good choices for the beginner, as are many brands of Merlot. Those varieties are not especially dry, as some red wines can be. They are a bit fruity and may have a subtle underlying flavor of pepper or chocolate.

It may be interesting for area residents to learn that many wines carried in the region’s stores are from Long Island vineyards. They can still choose beverages from other parts of the country and the world, but it’s fun to see what the local vineyards have to offer and to support those businesses.

An associate at the store can help them choose brands once the customer decides what he or she is willing to spend per bottle. Individuals just starting to learn about wine and wanting to try some varieties will be pleased to know they don’t have to spend a lot for a quality beverage. A store such as Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. sells many pleasing brands for around $10 to $15 per bottle. Please visit the website to view a current wine list. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

When you’re building your dream home, don’t forget to consider the elements you need in your backyard, too. Particularly if you live in a warm climate, it’s likely you’ll use your back yard for family fun and entertaining guests for several months out of each year. That’s why it’s wise to think well beyond the basic deck and barbecue grill as you design the garden of your dreams. Here are some great features you may want to incorporate.

  • Pool and spa- These make a great backyard feature that will keep your family and friends entertained every weekend. Talk to your pool builder while you’re working on your house so that the pool and spa design can be incorporated from the beginning. If you lack space or don’t think you’ll use a pool, consider installing only a hot tub. These can be located on a deck or patio, and take up very little space.
  • Outdoor kitchen – An outdoor kitchen allows you to truly throw an outdoor party without requiring the hostess to run in and out all night, missing half the fun. There are many different configurations you can choose for an outdoor kitchen, and many different elements these can contain. Consider a smoker in addition to a grill. An outdoor brick oven makes a nice addition, as well, allowing you to make homemade pizzas and many other foods in your back yard.
  • Games – Putting greens, basketball goals and tennis courts are all great features for the perfect dream backyard. Consider the games your family is most likely to play, and incorporate one or more into your design.

Taking your family’s interests into consideration will allow you to design the perfect outdoor oasis. Whether it’s an outdoor brick oven for making pizza or a putting green for golf practice, your back yard is certain to be a dream come true.

High tolerance machining requires precision tools and skills. In addition, exact work is vital for machining and fabrication for the medical and aerospace industry. So how can you improve the process and provide more impressive finishes? These helpful tips just may provide the answer.

Eliminate Built Up Edge

When machining with single edge cutting tools, BUE or built up edge can be a real problem. But what exactly is BUE? Built up edge is a buildup of material from the machining process, collecting on the tip of the cutting edge of tools. As this buildup increases it may become unstable and possibly break up. This can ruin an otherwise quality produced precision part. So how can this problem be reduced or eliminated?

  • Raise cutting speed – at faster speeds, buildup can be drastically reduced.
  • Don’t cut so deeply – deep cuts are known to contribute to buildup. In fact, it may be best to make more than one cut, than to try and do it all in one machining process.
  • Use the sharpest possible tools – sharp precision tools provide the best protection against a number of defects. This is why one should always use carbide tipped tools or tools with a special finish.
  • Lower the rake angle – this could mean making more than one cut, but can reduce buildup and increase quality.
  • Use high quality cutting fluid – the best cutting fluids give you the most lubrication and least amount of friction, resulting in a better finish.

Benefits of BUE Reduction

When you reduce buildup, you can increase the life of your precision tools. In addition, shop efficiency can be improved because less power is required. You can put out higher quality work pieces because you limit work hardening. In addition, your machinists will have more control over the process of metalworking.

Brazing, in essence, is the perfect metal-joining technique in any case where high temperature and high pressure isn’t a massive factor. That makes it particularly great for aluminum, a metal that – while incredibly resilient – isn’t as resilient as more industrially-equipped metals like steel or cast iron, or far more expensive but powerful metals like titanium.

As such, brazing is the perfect solution for a good-looking, resilient metallic joint in basic plumbing, piping, beverage production and a myriad of other industries.

But the question is – how do you identify what makes a quality aluminum brazing service? Here are a couple factors to pay attention to:

Finding a Quality Brazing Service

When looking for aluminum brazing services, you need to make sure of a couple basic factors:

  • They know what they’re talking about: It’s important for a service to know how to do its job – and it’s always a good idea to poke questions at a service before you trust them with your components. Brazing is a sensitive job, chosen for control and precision – nothing should go wrong under the supervision of an experienced service.
  • They offer customer guarantees: A good service can guarantee to its customers that it’ll perform a quality job – don’t accept a service with high failure rates, negative reputation, or bad online reviews for obvious reasons.
  • Their customer service and communication quality is impeccable: When you ask a question, you’d better want it to be answered quickly – as per Chron, basic customer service is a must for quality business. A good service will command a decent online presence and be capable of handling any request, and responding to one promptly.

Outside of pipes, brazing is also the preferred metal joining solution for any metal-joining job that involves the joining of more complex, machined metallic parts.

Welding distorts the finer details of these parts, whereas brazing allows the aluminum to maintain perfect integrity as the joint is created. Because of all this, quality aluminum brazing services are of high importance in many industries.