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12684349 - industrial refinery plant with smoke

Air Quality Control System

An air quality control system can reduce your company’s environmental impact. Plus, a well-designed thermal oxidizer can capture some of your spent thermal energy. Recycling the thermal energy released after cleaning the air is huge for efficiency. With this technology implemented at a plant, they can reuse fuel, lowering overhead.

Today’s air pollution control applications require equipment to destroy hazardous air pollutants. Furthermore, the solutions must incorporate volatile organic compound control. Modern equipment can control HAPs and VOCs while meeting environmental regulations.

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Air Pollution Control Services

Air pollution control services can be designed using several forms. A recuperative thermal oxidizer functions differently from a regenerative thermal oxidizer.

A recuperative design is similar to a normal thermal oxidizer. However, the design incorporates an air-to-air heat exchanger. This design change allows for the recovery of some heat that is usually lost.

A direct-fired thermal oxidizer will react with hydrocarbons, VOCs, and HAPs. They combine these compounds in the air to produce carbon dioxide and water. Generally, this reaction only occurs if the air has been heated sufficiently. A middle-of-the-line THERMOX system operates at 1,400 F to 1,600 F.

Fuel requirements to preheat the THERMOX system are greatly reduced with a recuperator. With or without a pre-heater, these systems reach the highest efficiencies. They score incredibly high on destruction removal efficiency rating scales.

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12684349 - industrial refinery plant with smoke

Nothing is more refreshing than a deep breath of clean, fresh air, but for decades, concerns about air emissions control and the effect of pollutants on public health and the environment have been on the rise. Notably, the United States tackled the issue in 1963 with the Clean Air Act, since amended a number of times. The purpose of the act is to regulate the amount of hazardous pollutants that are being emitted into everyone’s fresh air by vehicles, industries, and other sources.

Important and useful industries throughout the United States have had to determine how they can reduce their air emissions. Air pollution control services can be customized to help neutralize harmful emissions for all kinds of industries.

There are three main kinds of air emissions that need to be controlled. Each industry is unique as to which one or more of these it produces. First, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are fumes and pollutants that can be harmful to people’s health and the environment. Some prominent industries that have to look at neutralizing their VOCs – often through a careful combustion process – include painting and metal finishing companies. Second, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are airborne toxins that may cause long-term health problems like cancer. Third, solid particulate matter (PM) can be a byproduct of asphalt manufacturers, food services, and others and can include small particles of oil and other substances emitted into the air.

Different processes are used for each type of air emissions control. Since each industry’s emissions are unique, a solution needs to be tailored to each industry. For expert and experienced air pollution control services, contact Air Clear, LLC at

12684349 - industrial refinery plant with smoke

The food, carpet, asphalt, and many other types of industries all need to keep their air pollution on a low to not get fined or even shut down. However, this can be hard to do by themselves.

A reputable company knows that they need to contact experts to keep their air pollution down. These are some things companies look for when searching for air pollution control services.

Time in the Industry

Air pollution is a complicated subject that requires a lot of experience and time to understand. By working with a new company, businesses might find that they are getting a subpar product that leads them to get fined.

By working with a company that has provided air pollution control services for decades, businesses can ensure that they are meeting their requirements. This will save them a lot more hassle and time in the future.

Multiple Services

Air pollution requires multiple services to be successful. This can include engineering, installation, maintenance, and more.

When searching around for these air pollution control services, you need to find a company that can handle all of the ones necessary. This ensures that you don’t have to go around calling different companies to have your entire air pollution control protocol covered.

Reputable Services Company

Whatever company you choose should be a company you work with for a long time. You’ll want to make sure that this company has had a long list of clients they have worked with before.

Fortunately, one company should fit that bill. Learn about Air Clear LLC by going to

As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of the air inside of your building. You want to protect the people who work or do business there from experiencing problems like coughing, wheezing or sneezing.

Rather than open windows and let in dust and allergens from the outside, you can use resources to clean the air inside of your business. You can benefit from installing and using an air quality control system at work.

Reducing Allergies

When you have allergy sufferers working for you, you need to protect them from allergic symptoms like sneezing, coughing and wheezing. However. when you open the windows to let in fresh air, you invite in elements that can trigger allergies. People who work for you may become less productive because of the allergy symptoms that they experience.

Instead of losing productivity on allergies, you can remove allergens from the indoor air by installing and using an air control system. This system can remove allergens from the air, make it safer to breathe and spare allergy sufferers from symptoms that make them less productive at work.

The system that you use in your business can also ensure the humidity level in the air. You need the air to be at the right humidity level to be comfortable to breathe.

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Industrial pollution control systems are vital for society. If factories do not properly control air pollution, this can create a variety of negative consequences for human health. Besides affecting humans directly, air pollutants can cause major problems for the shared ecosystem.

The Types of Pollutants Controlled Through Air Quality Control Systems

Most industrial air pollutants fall into three broad categories: criteria air pollutants (CAP), air toxics and greenhouse gases. CAPs are the most common pollutants affecting air quality in modern American life. Carbon monoxide is perhaps the most infamous CAP associated with industrial processes. Other dangerous CAPs include sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and lead.

Air toxics are incredibly volatile chemicals that are hazardous in even the most minute concentrations. This category includes mercury, asbestos, benzene and various heavy metals. Society has gone to great lengths combat air toxics in our environment. Nevertheless, compounds in this category continue to damage human health, happiness and productivity.

Greenhouse Gases: Contributors To Climate Change

Over the years, the dangers of greenhouse gases (GSGs) have been well-publicized by courageous environmental activists. Some of the most dangerous greenhouse gases include ozone, methane and chlorofluorocarbon. Controlling GSGs is essential for limiting climate change.

Fortunately, a number of companies are working tirelessly to reduce the amount of industrial air pollution adversely affecting this world. With the right air quality control system, you can ensure that your company is operating in a responsible manner. To learn more on this issue, visit and interface with the experts at Air Clear, LLC.