Turf Verticutter Machine Puts in Years of Superior Turf Service

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Agriculture and Forestry

Lawn care treatment is both an art and a science, and the scientist always has their go-to set of tools. One of the most prized pieces of equipment for the landscaper is the turf vericutter, a tough, veritable machine that put in years of hard work due to its detailed design. Professionals seeking versatility and value would do well to explore the vericutter’s capabilities and find the synergy. Products are an extension of the service provider – without a reliable appliance, operators must make due with sub-standard equipment.

Swath size on a turf verticutter determines what the machine can tackle. Simply put, the larger the blade area, the more it is able to accomplish. In terms of specialty applications, part measurements matter because the numbers determine what type of peripheral equipment can be used and what cannot. Cutting depth is managed by precision control, allowing the operator to manipulate the cutting depth. Each turf job is different, requiring varying degrees of blade adjustment so operators can be thorough and precise every single time.

Protective design ensures that operators will remain safe when using the vericutter. A series of long, 10-point, 12-gauge blades fit to handle a variety of projects. The frame is typically packed with professional-grade steel that users can count on to perform over and over again.

The drivetrain is made up a non-slip chain drive connected to an easily accessible gearbox. Such a unit is PTO driven like most machines in its class. A quick, removable pin hitch secures the machine.

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