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It’s the beginning of the school year again and your kids need new supplies to meet the demands of the new year. But that’s not all they will need this year, because they will also need a way to protect their valuable belongings when you aren’t around to protect them. This is why many parents are now resorting to labeling all of the items they give their children to ensure they won’t ever see the bottom of a lost and found box.

Kids’ labels for school aren’t just some boring security measures that will leave your kids embarrassed by them though. In fact, many kids enjoy using custom-made labels today, because today’s kids’ labels for school are made specifically for them. What this means for your kid is that they can get labels that fit their unique preferences. Whether your child is a baseball fan or a football fan, there are custom labels available that can specifically suit their unique interests. There are also labels that are specifically suited for girls and boys to further customize their appearance.

Even better yet, these labels can have your kid’s name applied to them. This will let your children tell everyone at school to lay their hands off their stuff in a cute and fun manner. Kids love putting these labels on all of their school supplies too because they also make it easier for them to know which binders and pencils are their own. So, if you want your kid’s supplies to be safe once they leave your hands, be sure to apply custom labels to everything they own. Get your custom-made labels today by visiting Label Daddy at You can also connect them on Facebook.

Labels make getting your child get ready for camp less stressful – for them and you! Whether your child is a “seasoned pro” or is going away for the first time, camp name labels enhance the camping experience. The following reasons highlight their importance.


Personal sports camp equipment must be identified. Items such as gloves, shoes, and helmets represent a significant investment. This equipment is composed of a wide range of materials: plastic, wood, metal, and fiberglass. Sports gear will be subjected to blows, abrasions, moisture, as well as temperature changes. How can one label meet all these challenges? Name labels for kids are made from vinyl backed by an industrial adhesive. They will adhere to curved or flat items such as baseball bats, leather gloves, and shoe insoles. Optional lamination will protect the labels from abrasion.


Clothes present another challenge, especially uniforms. Name labels for clothes must survive repeated laundering. They also will likely be subjected to sweat and sunscreen. These labels will work for both equipment and clothing. The camp name labels can stand up to repeated laundering. They also can be used for swimwear.


Your child’s safety is another reason for using camp name labels. Allergies, medical alerts, and contact information labels can be placed on bottles or food containers. The labels are dishwasher and microwave safe. All labels can be tailored to your child’s favorite colors or sports teams for that personal touch that will allow his or her personality to shine through.

For more information, visit Label Daddy.