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Few careers have changed quite as much in the last few decades – while remaining relevant – as land surveying has. All a person has to do is glance at the inventory of any surveying equipment retailer to see just how reliant we are on technology that has only existed for a brief amount of time. Here’s a quick look at just how much GPS and other advancements have changed the way we take note of the things around us and how we make use of those resources.

A Changing Livelihood with Changing Tools

Land surveying has existed almost as long as mankind itself. Since people first begin to build large structures, we have relied on the services of surveyors to give us a clear picture of what the earth around us looks and feels like, so we can properly map our surroundings and make sense of the plans we have for them.

Surveying equipment has evolved tremendously over time. In recent decades, what was once entirely reliant on traditional means has become primarily technology-based. In fact, the two categories of surveying equipment – hardware and software – show the fundamental nature of software to the modern surveying business and just how important technology has become to the industry.

The Future of Land Surveying

Unlike many long-standing career paths, land surveying is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon. Despite the major changes that have been seen in surveying equipment over time, the skill itself has remained an important part of developing the land around us. And if there’s one thing modern humans do a lot of, it’s developing land to suit our needs. As long as there are people building structures of considerable size or scientists interested in exploring the surface of the earth, there will be a need for land surveyors. Visit Frontier Precision for more information!

Leadership Development Programs can make great leaders out of most employees using e-learning. A great program will cover all aspects of leadership, practical, theoretical and interpersonal relationships. Do you know that almost 75% of employees who leave their current employment do not actually quit because of the job, they quit because of bad bosses? Leadership training can provide with better managers and team leaders which means you stand a greater chance of your employees remaining in your employ. With that you can decrease recruitment and training costs.

Greater Productivity
With proper leadership productivity increases exponentially. The basis of a great leader is their understanding of your staff’s emotions. If your leaders are taught how to use their empathy to deal with and empower staff, then you stand a better than even chance not only when it comes to retention, but in far fewer issues and complaints.

Effective Leadership
Leadership training can help you decide on what type of leaders are best for your business. There are many styles of leadership including Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-faire, and Strategic. It can also help your managers decide what type works best for them and your company. One of the most important benefits of a leadership development programs is the way it teaches how to be better at decision making. If you are on the fence about investing in a program, this alone is the best reason there is to do so. It allows your team to gain a fresh perspective which in turn lets them be able to make informed, intelligent decisions. Talk to the our experts and give them a chance to share with you what their unique vision would be in developing a program that works for you and your employees.

Are you still manually recording your worker’s time? While you may think that a pen and paper method is helping to save you money, it may actually be costing you in ways you aren’t even aware of. The best way to minimize your payroll losses is by utilizing professional payroll service providers. However, it is also a good idea to learn how manual payroll recording may be costing you.

Time Theft by Employees

There are a number of ways that manual time and attendance systems can be manipulated. A few examples are padding and “buddy punching.” There are some larger employers that make the switch to an automated time tracking system and are surprised to see the reduction in hours the first pay period. Even if it is only a small reduction, the savings will add up quickly.

Insufficient or Inaccurate Records

When you use professional payroll service providers you can feel confident that everything recorded is accurate. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your allocation of human resources. In the long run, this will also help you increase your business’s overall productivity.

Increased Overtime

If you are still using manual, pen and paper for timekeeping, there are no built-in notifications that will inform managers when a worker is getting close to the number of hours they are authorized to work. If manual timekeeping is used, chances are you are paying much more than you should in overtime pay for workers.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your payroll spending, then consider using professional payroll service providers.

Find out more about professional payroll services by visiting the Innovative Employee Solutions website.

Doing something special for your company anniversary is an important step is celebrating and getting the word out that your business is worth celebrating. There are a lot of different options for memorializing a milestone mark that will help to establish your firm as a heritage brand.

History Sharing

Many businesses have amazing histories that they keep to themselves, a company anniversary is a great time to share that history with other businesses and clients. Studies indicate that both businesses and consumers like to know more about who they are doing business with. Companies with established histories earn more loyalty and trust from the consumer. History sharing on an anniversary is a great way to build your brand.

Pamphlets, Books, Displays and More

You can make the gesture as grand or as simple as you like when it comes to sharing company history as an acknowledgment of an anniversary milestone. You can choose:

   * Simple pamphlets with the company story outlined
   * Time line displays
   * Books
   * Other media

Establishing the history of your business to celebrate an anniversary is a great way to share information without having to give an oral presentation. The more people that see the information about your company history and your milestone anniversary the more familiar people will feel about your business. It is a great marketing tool and a great way to instill company pride in employees.

A Great Foundation

You should be proud of your company no matter what milestone anniversary you are celebrating, and you should share that information with others. In today’s market businesses typically do not stand the test of time, if your company is, it should be celebrated properly with something that will put your company’s history down on the record. History Factory can help you to celebrate properly!

You see a haircut on your favorite athlete, actor or rock singer. Do you ever wonder if the same cut would look good on you? Well, here is the truth. Every style doesn’t look good on everyone. The main reason for this is face shape. There are men’s cuts in Chicago that look best on certain facial structures. Looking for the perfect haircut? Use the guide below to point you in the right direction.


This face shape is long and not as wide. Many of today’s popular haircuts look good on oblong faces. Still, you don’t want a cut that makes your face look longer. Go for a medium or short hair length. Choose cuts that are layered on top with longer sides. If you want your face to appear rounder or shorter, wear your hair long.


The oval is similar to the oblong. The shape is longer than it is wide. Additionally, almost any style looks good because of its near-perfect symmetry. Try a sharp angular cut with the hair pulled away from the face. It keeps the look masculine. Avoid long bangs, unless you want your face to look round.


A round face requires square haircuts. Go with a style with short sides. Also, try mens cuts in Chicago with volume or height. A side part works well too.


The diamond face is wider at the top and narrows down to the chin. The cheek bones are wide. You tone down the cheek width with high-volume, layered styles. Another good styling option is swept bangs.


Wide cheeks are a distinctive feature of the triangle face. The jaw is wider than the forehead. Another common feature is a pointed chin. The best haircuts for this facial type have long hair on the top. Also, fades and undercuts are a good choice. Mid-length styles work well. Consider adding a side part for a masculine touch. A swept bang helps minimize the width of the forehead.


A square facial shape has equal width and length. A wide jaw is a defining characteristic. There are many trendy cuts that look good on this face. For example, you can’t go wrong with an undercut or buzz cut. With this bone structure, choose short, tight cuts. Make sure the haircut is angular and sharp. Add a little volume on top. Avoid middle parts.

Finding the right men’s cuts in Chicago is not hard. Once you know your face type, you can get a haircut that looks good on you.

Have you ever had a deadline to meet that requires the use of multiple forms of appliances, when all of a sudden, “boom,” your power goes out? You never should experience that awful feeling again! You must research back up generators in Winnetka. You should buy a backup generator to protect your home and family. Here are some essential tips on how to pick out the most practical one for your home.

Every Home Should Have a Generator

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Sure, the news can always give you a heads-up as to what type of weather is approaching your area, but they cannot tell you if you are going to have a blackout or for how long. It is these unknown factors that make having a backup house generator so reassuring. While having no electricity for a limited time is not that big of an issue, having a blackout for long periods of time can pose serious, even life-threatening problems. It is always best to stay logical and purchase a home generator.

Generator Choices

Generators are an expense; however, you should know that you can find some that are less expensive and should still meet your needs. If you want a basic generator that can keep a couple of your appliances working, then you can buy a small portable generator. When you have a portable generator, your electronics get directly plugged into it. You must make sure you do not put too many things into it, or it can cause it to have a shortage. Another option for a generator is a standby generator. A standby generator is your best choice if you want to keep your whole house powered. These generators run off of a gas connection or propane tank. Standby generators turn on automatically when there is a power outage. While these generators are easier to use than portable generators, they are also more costly. Before you make the expense, you should know what you need to happen when “the lights go out.”

We all want the best ingredients when it comes to our own meals, so why settle for anything less for your furry friends? With the increasing popularity of holistic pet food in Gainesville, it’s become easier than ever before to provide your pet with food that’s not only great for their health but that of the environment as well.

Unfortunately, there is no legal definition within the pet industry of what makes a food “holistic,” so any brand is free to slap the label onto their product. Here are a few helpful things to look out for when it comes to figuring out which holistic pet food is the real deal.

All-Natural Ingredients

When checking out a holistic pet food, Gainesville cat and dog owners first need to make a beeline for the packaging’s ingredient list. Make sure the product uses whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and single-source meat. Choose food that is unprocessed, unrefined, and preservative-free. Holistic pet food should neither have any artificial colors nor flavorings, so keep an eye out for any unpronounceable chemicals!

Fortification with Vitamins and Minerals

The only kind of processing your holistic pet food should have undergone is fortification with essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures that your best friend is getting the balanced diet that they need. While you might assume that nutrition-related diseases are uncommon among today’s pet population, they are actually increasing in frequency. A truly holistic pet food is one that contains a mix of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to help guard your pet against these potentially lethal diseases.

AAFCO Standards

Despite there being no legally established definition of holistic pet food, Gainesville pet owners do have one valuable outside source to turn to when it comes to picking the wheat from the chaff. The nonprofit organization Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established a set of minimal standards for food to be labeled “complete and balanced.” Check for an “AAFCO Statement” or “Product Guarantee” around the label’s nutritional content list to ensure your holistic pet food meets these established guidelines.

While choosing the best pet food brand may not be as easy as simply grabbing the first bag that says “holistic,” it need not be a nightmare either. With these simple tricks, pet owners can feel confident that they’re buying a holistic pet food their best friend deserves.