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Direct-to-film printing (DFT) is a significant player in screen printing. It fabricates premium screens for printing intricate patterns on diverse substrates, including fabrics, advertising materials, signage, and more. This method integrates many colors into its designs.

Description of the DTF Printing Process

The process involves creating visual components destined for printing. Digital tools and software applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop generate this design. The design is segregated into distinct hues, creating visible planes or pathways for each shade. Traditional screen printing requires direct exposure to a photosensitive screen, whereas DTF involves printing the design on transparent film. Its label “film positive” conveys an optimistic image of the pattern.

Following the development of film positives, they are paired with screening materials used for printing. Every color in the design represents a unique screen. Accurate registration requires placing the film on the screen before printing.

Photoreactive substances are applied to the screen panel. A film positive is superimposed over a coated screen before being subjected to a UV light source. Water cleans the screen following contact. The unprotected regions of the emulsion are removed, resulting in gaps where ink can migrate.

The screen is set up alongside the press. The squeegee allows ink to pass through uncovered areas. The design is transferred to the printing substrate by a specified method.

Direct to Film Printing Services

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