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Employee retention is something that every business struggles with on a daily basis. Efforts to increase employee retention are most often successful, but there are a few facts and stats about employee retention that most businesses don’t know, but should be aware of. With that in mind, read on below for a few of those stats and facts to be revealed.

More than One Quarter of Employees are in High Retention Status
According to recent studies and surveys, more than one quarter of employees in businesses are in high retention-risk. This means that they are at a higher risk of turnover than other employees are. If you think about it, that could be over half of your business that may be there one day and gone the next. The bad thing is that many of those high-retention risk employees are ones that know all about your business and are so good that they won’t be easy to replace, if you can replace them at all. The best way to prevent these employees from leaving is to increase employee retention.

More than 70 Percent of High-Risk Retention Employees Leave to Advance Their Careers
That is a staggering number of employees leaving in order to get somewhere in their lives. Think about it. When you were in their shoes would you have wanted to spend the rest of your career at a dead-end job where there was no hope for advancement? Make sure to encourage promotion, training, and advancement in your business and this problem doesn’t have to be yours.

These are just a couple of the employee retention facts and stats that you as a business owner should know. For help with increasing employee retention, contact the professionals at Interactive Services for help.

In the right situation, hiring a residential window cleaning service in Walnut Creek can be a lifesaver. Here’s how it can save the day for you:

Your in-laws are coming

Or any member of your family that you want to impress. Dirty, grimy windows are hardly going to send the right impression. No need to go into a fine fit of hysterics, though. Hire pros to clean them right up so you can focus on preparing for your family’s visit.

You’re tired

Days of endless meetings, tight deadlines and tap dancing for the boss can take a toll on anyone. But instead of sleeping in, you’ll need to spend hours on wiping the dirt and dust off your windows. Well, you don’t have to. By hiring pros, you can sleep in all you want during the weekends. This way, you’re well-rested and ready for the next work week.

You hate cleaning chores

Some people find cleaning chores therapeutic. If you aren’t one of them and you’d much rather spend your time watching episode reruns of your favorite sci-fi series, then you’ll be better off engaging the services of a residential window cleaning firm in Walnut Creek. You’ll certainly be happier for it.

You don’t have the right tools

If all you have at home is a window wiper that’s so old it’s held together by spit and prayers, just sit this one out and let the pros handle it. They have the best tools for the job, ensuring fast and reliable results.

You’re hopeless at cleaning

If you’re going to take the entire day just to get a few windows done, that’s not going to be cost- and time-efficient, says U.S. News. Hire pros and spend your day on more important things.

Basically, if you want results, convenience and speed, ditch the DIY. Get help from pros.

It never fails, that when someone is printing an important document, their printer will run out of toner. Not only is it frustrating, but depending on the time of day they may have to wait until tomorrow to purchase a replacement. One of the easiest ways to avoid this all too common problem is to keep spare Lexmark Toner in Rockford IL on hand. Most people go to their local office supply store to purchase toner and ink, but an online supplier can provide the same products with a host of other benefits. Here are just a few reasons to head to the internet for any toner or ink needs.

Quick Shipping

One of the most beneficial aspects of online shopping is that items are shipped quickly and arrive at the person’s doorstep. This can save them valuable time and allow them to focus on other things rather than wasting time on trips to the office store. Most online companies offer free or discounted two-day shipping, which can make ordering a toner cartridge online an affordable option for large and small businesses alike.

Automatic Fulfillment

If the amount of toner that is used over the course of a month can be estimated, then an online company can set a customer up with automatic fulfillment. Doing so will ensure new ink cartridges arrive at regular intervals and that a business owner has the ink they need to keep their business operational. Let the job of buying toner take care of itself by talking to an online office supply company about their fulfillment options.

Low Prices

One of the greatest advantages to using online stores are their low prices. A company that maintains an online presence will not have the expense that is typically associated with brick and mortar stores. Most pass these savings on to their customers and offer the items they sell at affordable rates. Compare prices today and see how an online store can help any business owner save money on Lexmark Toner in Rockford IL.

Make purchasing ink and toner simple by checking out Rhyme Office Equipment. They stock products for all makes and models of printers and can help a business owner afford the ink they need without breaking the bank. Learn more about us today, and place an order to experience great prices and excellent customer service.

Commercial security services need to defend you against multiple different kinds of criminals. There are opportunists, hobbyists, and professionals. Opportunists are criminals who see something they like and seize the opportunity to commit a crime. Hobbyists are those who have dedicated operations but they are not career criminals. Finally, the professionals are those who have dedicated criminal operations, they have plans, and most importantly a skillset. They can break into businesses and homes with efficiency. These are the most difficult to deter.

The Opportunists

Deterring opportunists is simple with commercial security services in Melville. Opportunists operate by identifying something that they want and that they believe they can get easily. So, if you just draw your curtains or your shades, you can likely deter any opportunists. If such a person cannot see something they want, they won’t risk breaking into a space. Furthermore, opportunists can be deterred with strong locks. They generally do not have the skillset to defeat quality locks.

The Flying Locksmiths can install quality locks at your business to keep you safe.

The Hobbyists

Hobbyists are a little more difficult to deter. They have skills to defeat different kinds of locks, but they are generally deterred by simple things like security cameras and alarms. They generally don’t have the skills to defeat an alarm system or a security system. So, the commercial security services to deter hobbyists are simple as well.

The Professionals

Finally, deterring professionals requires a full retinue of security options. You’ll need to work with professional locksmiths to determine what is right for you. That could mean security cameras, alarms, strong locks, and much more. The most important element is working with a locksmith to design your security scheme. There are different possible layouts and operational options. It needs to all work as a single system. View website for more info about commercial security services in Melville.

Most shops need to create female or internal threads in some workpieces. Years ago, they used manual methods with taps and dies to create threads, and they worked well. However, thanks to modern machinery, you can use one of the several automated methods. Many shops use tools like Emuge taps but they also have the choice of threading with a milling machine and this process is called thread milling. The truth is, today’s machine shops often use both methods but they are not interchangeable. Here is information to help you choose the best threading method for each job.

What is Thread Tapping?

The process of thread tapping is easy to understand. For example, if you cut a hole in a piece of metal or wood and insert a threaded tool (slightly larger in diameter) into the hole, all you have to do is turn the tool, and it will cut threads inside the hole. This method is centuries old and very effective.

Thread Milling

Instead of using tools like Emuge taps, you can use thread mills. These tools are special thread-making tools designed for milling machines. A milling cutter creates many shapes by moving laterally (as opposed to the up and down motion of a drill bit or thread tap. A thread mill is smaller than the hole it threads and once inserted; it cuts the threads into the hole by moving in a circular motion inside the hole.

Which is Best?

When you use high-speed tools like Emuge taps, you can thread faster and deeper than a thread mill tool. The process is good for making many threaded holes of the same size.

If you use tools like Emuge thread mills, you don’t need to change tools for each size. Thread milling can produce precision threads to a high tolerance. Also, the same tool can create both internal and external threads.