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They say working with sheet metal is easy because the material is malleable and is useful in all sorts of applications. There is a negative side to this, however. Due to the fact that metal in sheet form is simple to work with than other types makes it just as easy to mangle, unfortunately. Let’s explore some tips producers can utilize to ensure they make the most of what they possess with minimal error.

Material Type and Usage

Whether the base product is Annealed Alloy Steel, 6061 Aluminum, good old Brass, or even Titanium, the imperative to make clean, professional style sheet metal bending remains. With Annealed Alloy Steel, its main characteristic makes it a popular choice. The annealing process encourages malleability and protection from cracks. Speaking of 6061, it’s a good idea to put this material through the annealing process first before attempting to bend…especially when the metal is cold. Brass is a top choice for sheet metal bending as it retains its formability under stress.

Achieving Maximum Bend Strength

When conducting precision machining using any of the aforementioned materials, it’s best to analyze the bend allowance ahead of time, or how much bending the material can withstand before possibly cracking. To do such requires a few numbers, mainly:

  • Material thickness
  • Internal radius measurement
  • K-factor
  • Bend angles

If this sounds daunting, fear not as Vista Manufacturing Company has the fabrication expertise to get the job done with little error margin.

A restaurant owner can turn to stainless steel fabrication in order to get a great countertop for their establishment. A countertop in a restaurant has to deal with a lot being done on it. It should be made of a material that is reliable and can handle the stress. Steel countertops have many advantages over other types of counters.

Amazing Durability

When it comes to durability, a stainless steel countertop just can’t be beat. Hot pots and pans can be placed directly on a stainless steel counter’s surface without doing any damage. Liquids can be spilled on the counter and stains won’t be a problem. Water can’t cause any damage to stainless steel. The surface can be hit hard and will withstand the impact.

Food Safety

Getting a countertop made with the process of Stainless Steel Fabrication is one of the best ways to help with food safety. Stainless steel isn’t a porous material. As such, liquids and food particles aren’t going to be absorbed by a steel counter. That means that it’s easier to prevent contamination by food items that were previously on the counter. Harsh cleaning products don’t have to be used. Mild cleaning agents can be used to keep the countertop clean.

More Advantages

There are other benefits to consider. Workers will prefer stainless steel countertops because maintenance isn’t too hard to do. That means less work for employees in the kitchen and they can concentrate on other tasks. Any restaurant owner who is concerned about the environment will be pleased to know that stainless steel countertops are 100 percent recyclable.

Investing in a countertop that is extremely durable and can last is just a smart business decision. A restaurant owner doesn’t have to by just any countertop. They can work with a steel fabricator like Vista Manufacturing Company and have one that is made to fit their specific needs. A consultation doesn’t take that long.

Steel Got It

Wrought iron fences were once very rare. Only the wealthiest in colonial America could afford them, and they had to be imported from Britain and Europe. However, as the domestic iron industry grew in the 19th century, wrought iron with beautiful ornamentation became more and more accessible to the masses.


Custom steel fabrication continues to make beautiful and functional metalwork available to American homeowners. In fact, much of today’s steel fence production is designed to imitate the stolid, traditional beauty of wrought iron. It captures the same ornate qualities while remaining stronger, lighter, and more impervious to the elements.

Fence Me In!

Steel is not as cheap as some metals, such as aluminum, but it is stronger and more durable. Steel fences are also still much cheaper than wrought iron, and less prone to rust.

A determined DIY-er can dig holes, pour concrete, and set up his fence himself. Or he can hire a professional. In either case, custom steel fabrication requires very little maintenance compared with, say, a wooden fence. It just needs to be cleaned every so often, have the weeds pulled, and have scratches painted so they don’t rust. A good steel fence can last up to 20 years.

Other Possibilities

Iron and steel have innumerable other decorative possibilities around the home. Metal geometrics are a great way to accent a room. A repurposed metal tub will give the sink in your laundry room a nostalgic appeal.

Fabricated steel can be fashioned into art that can grace your home’s walls. It can create furniture, wrought and crafted to your precise furnishing needs. You can even mount it over your windows and hang curtains from it.

Wrought fences notwithstanding, historically, the aesthetic possibilities of iron and steel have been neglected. Just because it’s powerful doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, too!