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Three Important Functions of Shed Cupolas for the Residential Setting

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Shed cupolas might seem to only be installed for decorative purposes, but they actually have other important functions. The devices do add aesthetic enhancement to the building, so property owners want to find a design they particularly like. That dome-shaped feature will likely be in place for many years to come.

Shed cupolas act as skylights, bringing more natural light into the building. Sheds rarely have much window space, so this improvement is especially desirable.

Also, light from above shines in for hours longer than is true of wall windows. That’s particularly true in northern regions where the sun stays relatively low in the sky during the winter. A shed with one window facing east, for instance, will gain significantly more light with a cupola. Electric light might be unnecessary during daylight hours.

These building features also can provide ventilation if they include louvers. A shed might have only one door and perhaps one window that opens. Larger outbuildings may have doors at opposite ends. The cupola helps with air circulation, thus preventing the growth of mildew and the development of stale odors. People who use their shed as a place for hobbies or work find the atmosphere to be more pleasant.

From outside, as a decoration for the roof, the product adds a touch of old-fashioned character. Some property owners like to add an electric light inside the dome, turning it on at night as an ornamental embellishment. An inventory of cupolas for outbuildings can be viewed at website