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The Challenges of Completing an MBBS in Kazakhstan

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The shortage of seats in MBBS programs at government and private medical colleges and universities in India forces many top students in the country to complete their studies abroad. There are benefits to going to another country for education. However, students must also be aware of the potential challenges and difficulties that come with the decision.

Universities and medical colleges in Kazakhstan, as with many educational facilities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, actively recruit Indian students. While there are internationally recognized universities in the country, there are also potential issues to consider before deciding to apply.

The NEET Exam Requirement

Even though an MBBS in Kazakhstan is not controlled by the same governing body as medical colleges and universities in India, students must still complete the NEET exam as it is also a eligibility exam. This means students must write the NEET exam in India and score above the cutoff to qualify.

Language Issues

As with most international universities, the English language is commonly used in the schools for academics. This is a benefit to students from India who already have a good understanding of English. There is no requirement for the TOEFL or IELTS exams, which are used in many countries to ensure English proficiency for students.

However, when working on rotations or internship through the MBBS in Kazakhstan, most patients will not speak English. Kazakh and Russian are the most commonly used languages, which can make communication a challenge for rotations as well as living in the community.
The cost of an MBBS in Kazakhstan can range from 2.5 to 5 lakhs per year. Students must also clear the NEXT exam in India to be able to begin working as a doctor in the country.

Before deciding to start the application for an MBBS in Kazakhstan, talk to the advisors at Zordha Education. Information on our Caribbean medical university and MBBS program can be found