Three Must-have Boat Accessories for Fun on the Water

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Water Sports

What’s more fun than boating on the lake? Inflatable boat towables are a great way to take a fun day on the water to the next level. Whether you have a speedy motorboat or a lazy pontoon, tying some water towable tubes to the back makes for a good time. Here are three must-have boat accessories for your next day on the water.

Towable Tube

There’s nothing more exhilarating than speeding behind a boat in a towable tube. Tubes not only add more fun but also extra seating to your boat, so you can bring more friends along for the ride.

Floating Lounger

Is a towable tube a little too fast for you? A floating lounger might be more your speed. Tie one behind your pontoon or yacht for a slow and easy way to spend a day on the lake. You can even find lounger boat towables with sunshades and drink holders.

Water Walkway

Water towable tubes and loungers are great, but what if you want to dock for a while? Try a water walkway for diving, dipping or lounging around. Connect one between two or more boats to get the party started.

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