Fun in the Sun: 3 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Backyard Bash in Omaha

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Water Sports

If you’re looking to bring people together in Omaha, your backyard can be a great place to start. It’s easy to transform the space into something fun, festive, and perfect for socializing. Here are just a few ways to throw a party that everyone will remember!

1. Get Your Supplies in Order

A barbecue will need food, plates, utensils, and trash cans. A pool party will need plenty of towels and mesh pool float. Every type of gathering has its own checklist, so before you start inviting people over, make sure that you’ve gone down the notepad and checked off the right supplies.

2. Make a Splash

Especially in the summer, it can be mighty fun to let everyone cool off with some time in the water. A swimming pool makes it easy to horse around with mesh pool floats and large inflatable water slides. However, if you don’t own a pool, you can also have a good time with sprinklers, water guns, and water balloons.

3. Buy Extras

Always buy more than you think you need for a social gathering. You can always save the leftovers for later, but you can’t magically conjure extras in the middle of the big event! It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

These are just a few tips for having a blast in your own backyard. Whether you’re interested in grilling, dancing, or sliding down large inflatable water slides, the most important part is the prep! Contact WOW Sports LLC to get started with party essentials.

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