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Don’t Just Swim This Summer– Slide and Float for Added Fun!

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Summer is all about the water. Boating, fishing, jet skiing, swimming, and pools are just some of the fun things you look forward to as the summer heats up. What if you could make swimming even more fun? You can, when you buy things like a large inflatable water slide or a pool float tube. Both work in pools and on a lake.

Large Inflatable Water Slides

Secure the back end of these water slides to the ground and drop the front ends into the pool or the lake. Kids climb up the back and slide down the front into a cool and refreshing body of water. Get a slide that offers a higher weight restriction, and the adults can enjoy the slide too. Double wide slides let two people slide at the same time.

Pool Float Tubes

It doesn’t matter if you call them “pool noodles”, “float noodles”, or “Pool Float Tube“, these fun swim accessories keep you buoyant and floating in the water. Straddle them, wrap them around your back and under your armpits, or hug them close to just float effortlessly in the water. Multiple colors means you can pick out one color of pool tube for each person in your family and no one will be fighting over whose tube is whose.

When you are ready to buy your pool accessories like those listed above, or you just want to see what other cool pool and swim accessories there are, check out WOW Sports LLC today.