An Introduction To Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson And Ecotech

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Business

There are very few people that have the ability to see a different option in a business model and then make that change. An exception to that statement can be found with Pandwe A. Gibson of Ecotech Visions.

Pandwe A. Gibson is a very accomplished business professional. She holds a Ph.D., M.Ed, MBA, and M.A, and has studied within the United States as well as internationally. She has also taught internationally and we a co-founder of the first Charter Management Organization in the southern United States.

Dr. Gibson has always been passionate about making changes that benefit people in the community. Over the last few years, she has focused her efforts on bringing green business to the Miami area. Dr. Gibson has created EcoTech Visions, a maker space, and small business incubator dedicated to those businesses involving green technology and sustainable types of production.

The Idea

The idea behind EcoTech Visions was to create a space that was dedicated to businesses and entrepreneurs with a focus on the environment. While EcoTech Visions has moved a few times, it is now in a 25,000 square foot location that houses everything growing businesses require.

The services include the use of light manufacturing space, as well as a prototyping lab. In accordance with Pandwe A. Gibson’s idea, these spaces are for small businesses converting to green technology, as well as for new businesses to develop and launch products.

The prototyping lab features a range of technologies including computers and workstations, collaborative work areas, laser cutters, and a 3D printer, allowing for cost-effective prototyping.

EcoTech Visions also offers members or community businesses a range of basic business resources. Virtual offices, coaches, technical support on-site as well as in-house training and events all add to the value of this specialized incubator and maker space.

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