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How to Know What Flowers Are in Season When You Want to Place an Order

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Florists have the ability to get flowers year round. However, when you want to place an order for a bouquet or arrangement that contains local seasonal flowers, you may wonder how you can know what flowers are in bloom in your area.

When it comes to ordering floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale, FL, clients like you may appreciate the chance to use flowers that grow and are harvested locally. You can pick out an arrangement or bouquet to impress for any occasion by reading up on what flowers are ready for picking where you live.

Summer Flowers

If you are interested in locally made floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you may appreciate knowing that Florida has a nearly year-round growing season. The warm weather and wet climate benefit this part of the country in terms of growing seasons. Floridians can typically get access to a full range of flowers including lilacs and roses regardless of the time of year.

However, each season has its floral front liners that grow the best during several months of the year. For example, the summer months are perfect for growing and harvesting roses, lilacs, and begonias. These flowers love the humidity and sunshine and thrive during these months.

Winter and Spring Flowers

Florida rarely gets icy cold weather that kills flower crops in a matter of hours. However, it does experience chilly weather where the temperatures dip into the 40s and 50s during the daytime. During this time of the year, flowers like lilies and tulips thrive.

Bulb flowers in particular like the colder weather and moist soil during the winter and spring. If you want a bouquet made up of tulips, hydrangeas, and other bulbs, you might order it during the spring and winter months.

You can find out about more seasonal Florida flowers online. This information lets you order flowers that are fresh and locally grown.