Outdoor Lighting and Placement Tips for Landscaping Excellence in Illinois

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Business

Most homes across the United States have some level of landscaping around them. Many homeowners take pride in their yards and genuinely enjoy gardening and landscaping. As such, they often want to show off their creations as best as possible. One way to beef up your landscaping’s visibility is to install outdoor lighting. Installing these lights – especially if they are solar-powered – is generally simple, not to mention safe due to their low-voltage nature. These measures are all great ideas for landscape lighting installation.

Light Up What’s Important First

First, know that your house should be lit up more than anything else. Once you manage to take care of this – you may have already done so; if so, good job – then go forward with the next step.

What do you, personally, consider to be the highlight of your yard? Whatever that plant, object, or place is, focus on lighting this area up first. From there, install your low-voltage landscape lighting around the next most important part of your yard or landscaping. Go on down the line until all of your landscaping is illuminated.

Don’t Ignore the Power of Angles

Pointing three lights at different parts of a shrub, for example, can create shadows and layers of light that really make your home pop out. Practice with layering landscape lights to make your home look great. You might need outdoor lighting installation services in Illinois to take care of such layering, though.

Illuminate Areas That Don’t Get Much Attention

Some features in your yard likely don’t even get noticed during the day. Be creative and illuminate these nearly hidden features during the nighttime to add something special to your landscaping.

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