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Why Using a Centrifugal Fan in Your Brooklyn Factory Is a Wise Idea

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If you think that you can simply use any fan within the confines of your factory or other industrial settings, you are mistaken. A space that big requires a much larger machine to help circulate the air and cool everything down. There are many benefits to installing an inline centrifugal fan.

Energy Efficient

Since the airflow is constant when a centrifugal fan is being used, it allows the actual mechanical fan to use nearly 90% energy efficiency. This makes it an excellent option to use when trying to cool large spaces.


Centrifugal fans are known to be highly durable. They are often used in environments that are quite corrosive and are able to resist any type of corrosion without incurring any damage. This makes them a great option to be used in such places as chemical factories.

No Overloading

While some fans may be prone to overloading, the same cannot be said with centrifugal fans. In fact, they are designed in such a way that the curves they have actually work to resist overloading if the capacity is ever exceeded.

Easy Maintenance

When you buy an inline centrifugal fan, you can be assured that you will not have any major maintenance concerns. As far as cleaning goes, they require simple wipedowns. In fact, some of the fans even come with self-cleaning options for even more simplicity.

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