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Why Rubber Timing Belts Are Widely Used in Industrial Applications

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At the heart of any machine with a power transmission is a timing belt. These belts actually come in different sizes and materials. You may not notice them on a regular basis, but they are a central part of industrial equipment. See why timing belts are such an integral part of a manufacturer’s operations.

A Quick Explanation

The term timing belt can be applied to a wide number of cogged belts. Generally, these belts are composed of some type of reinforced rubber. For example, neoprene timing belts are molded to contain no seams or splices. This makes them a good fit for high torque applications. Many of these belts have a neoprene body which is layered on fiberglass reinforcements. One side contains spaced teeth that provide traction to allow the belt to move continuously.

Typical Applications

As you may know, not all timing belts are used in the automotive field. Belts are also required in linear positioning systems. This is the most likely application in the industrial arena. In this set-up, neoprene timing belts transfer the drive force to other parts of the machinery. Thus, if the belt is worn, or otherwise compromised, it can have a significant effect on your productivity.

The Advantages of Rubber Belts

There are many reasons why companies prefer to use rubber-based belts. For one, they are more resistant to damage and wear-and-tear. Additionally, these belts are a lot quieter when in operation. They are also more cost-efficient than belts made from other materials. For these reasons, neoprene timing belts are some of the most commonly chosen belts on the market.

Getting the Right Belt

As mentioned, there are numerous sizes and styles of timing belts. It is extremely important to select the correct belt for your machinery. Seek assistance from a timing belt manufacturer for a professional recommendation.

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