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Capture Your Memories with a Professional Austin Wedding Photographer

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A wedding is a wonderful, beautiful, life-changing moment that couples want to remember and preserve for years to come. Having a professional photographer for wedding photos in Austin, is the best way to ensure you get the shots you want and need. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best wedding photos ever!

Take Control and Own the Photo Shoot

Every wedding seems to have its own version of “Uncle Ed”, where one family member wants to tell everyone where to stand, what to do, or is always getting in the way of the wedding photographer. The successful wedding photographer is one who is confident and not afraid to take charge. They will be able to speak up to let “Uncle Ed” know their advice and help is appreciated but that they need to do things their own way. It might seem forward, but the wedding couple will be glad for the perfect photos and can deal with any hurt feelings after the wedding.

Have Photos Done Beforehand

Some couples take the wedding traditions to heart and are very serious about not letting the groom see the bride until the actual ceremony. Good wedding photographers in Austin will take the time to explain to the couple how important it is to have photos done the day before the wedding to ensure the posed shots are completed. Once the couple can realize that it is next to impossible to fit the time needed for all the perfect group photos before or after the ceremony the day of the wedding they are often more open to the idea. It also offers a good opportunity for the bride to do a dress rehearsal of how her hair, makeup and dress will look on the big day.

Avoid the Biggest Complaint Brides Have about Photographers

One of the most commonly cited complaints brides have about their experience is that the photographer missed getting a certain photo that they really wanted. The best way to avoid this can be as simple as meeting with the bride at some point beforehand to have her make a list of the photos she wants. The groom can also do this too and he can offer his feedback and ideas as well. This helps the photographer know to look for the bride’s sisters and snap that funny picture of them together or that photo of the groom and his buddies hanging out around the grill during the reception. Having a list of photos the couple would especially like can really help the wedding photographer a great deal.

Simple steps like these can go a long way in ensuring your wedding event is one to remember and that you get the photos you are longing for precious moments!