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What To Do When Your Driveway Joints Break Down

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While we think of cement and concrete as impervious to the elements because of their strength, few things could be further from the truth. In reality, the cycle of heat and cold as the seasons roll by cause expansion and contraction of the concrete in our walkways and driveways, which eventually leads to cracking. This is especially true around the wooden support joints, which are created to allow for this expansion and contraction. However, the dirt, water, and debris that can sink down into the cracks and crevices created by that movement can cause major problems – and look downright ugly.

A Bigger Problem Than You Might Imagine

When this back-and-forth cycle of expansion and contraction leads to dirty, clogged cracks around the wooden support joints built into sidewalks and walkways, you will run into more problems than just weeds running rampant along the length of them. That debris and the water that seeps down through it will eventually deteriorate the supports. That rot will lead to further breakdown of your walkways or driveway.

Fixing the Problem

When that kind of breakdown happens, what can you do? In years past, most homeowners were stuck replacing the rotten wooden supports with new ones, which could lead to further deterioration over time. Otherwise, they may have been left to caulk the cracks and try to fill them in, which sometimes worked – and sometimes went very wrong.

Unfortunately, these methods were highly flawed. Eventually, both approaches would be compromised by the same forces that led to the breakdown of the original supports. However, there are new methods that are much more effective – and more affordable.

Choosing today’s rubberized specialty strips for driveway expansion joint repair is an excellent option since these products are designed to expand and contract along with concrete throughout the seasons. This maintains the watertight seal of the joints and prevents debris from building up, which also prevents rot beneath the surface.

For more information -and to find out if these products are available near you – contact your local retailer today!