How to Choose the Right Plastic Wrapping Machine for Your Business

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Business

A plastic wrapping machine is a great thing (replace everything in red with the word advantageous) for consumer products that need a good amount of structural and sturdy support (replace everything in green with “require proper structural support”) for secondary packaging (add the word “operations” to the end of this sentence). Plastic wrapping machines can also bring down (replace “bring down” with “reduce”) the costs of your materials that come with packing.

Although there are many benefits that a plastic wrapping machine can offer your company, the hard part is deciding on which machine is appropriate for your application. Since there are many different types of plastic wrapping machines out there, this decision can be tricky to make.

Rest assured however, the following list are a few items to consider to help aid you in your decision making process.

1. What is the product that you are looking to wrap? What is its shape and structure?

2. Is your product palletized or non-palletized?

3. What are the distribution channels that your company is going to be selling to?

4. What type of goals are you wanting to accomplish with plastic wrapping? For example; material savings, cost reductions, and/or increased efficiency of your packaging process.

Once you match a machine with the above criteria, you’re going to have a much easier time sorting through your options. This is especially helpful for those looking to switch to another machine working in an automated line.

Choosing the correct plastic wrapper for your application requires research and proper planning. By taking the time to do this however, it in turn can help your business become more profitable and competitive.

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