What to Ask Your Destination Wedding Photographer in California

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding photographer is a must when planning a destination wedding. Why not capture the roaring waves in the background of your beach wedding? Why not document the gorgeous landscape of the foreign place where you’re planning on exchanging vows with the person you love? However, you may be stumped on how to hire the right destination wedding photographer in California for you. If this applies to you, continue reading.

Will They Capture Anything Else Aside From the Wedding?
Ask whether they can capture the bride getting ready, or the reception. Their fee may only cover the cost of the ceremony.

What is Their Travel Fee?
There can be several different fees when booking your photographer. Keep in mind, their services are 100% worth it —since a phone’s quality is nowhere near the high-quality resolution of a professional’s kit.

How Soon Will You Recieve the Photos?
Editing the photos and preparing them can take a few days or several weeks, depending on the photographer’s workload. Make sure to ask ahead of time so that you’re not caught off guard. After all, it’s understandable if you wish to see the photos immediately! But asking before your wedding can help you create a realistic timeline in your head.

Wrapping Up
Finding the right destination wedding photographer in California for you and your future spouse doesn’t have to be a stressful decision. Ensure you’re asking the potential candidate the right questions. However, if you’re still on the hunt for someone to capture your special day, consider booking with ColorBlast Weddings.

You can learn more about their services and rates by visiting their website at https://colorblastweddings.com.

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