California Dreaming: Tips to Hire a Destination Wedding Photographer

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Wedding Photographer

Hiring the right destination wedding photographer isn’t something you can do overnight. You have to think about it, and the following tips should help push you in the right direction.

Experience Matters

Many wedding photographers, especially the ones starting, love the idea of shooting a destination wedding because it’s going to look great in their portfolio. Don’t get tricked by these photographers and their deals. Look for an experienced destination wedding photographer in California and nothing else.

Local is Key

It’s important to find a destination wedding photographer in California or one that’s worked in California many times. A destination photographer is going to know the perfect places to take pictures, no matter where you’re getting married in this state.

Interview Importance

Make sure you pay attention to the photographer during the interview. If it feels like this person is just excited to go to a new place in California or is just interested in traveling, then this might not be the right person for you. The right photographer knows that the priority is making sure your wedding is captured perfectly.

Addressing Backups

The photographer needs to have backup plans to ensure you get your pictures. Some photographers skip this step, so find out if this person has more than one camera should something happen to the first camera. Will there be copies of the images captured, just in case the memory card is corrupted? Ask these questions for your peace of mind.

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