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What Equipment Is Used for After Death Cleaning Services in Washington?

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When someone dies on your property, it can be traumatizing. Even if the death was not the result of an accident or violent crime, it could be devastating, especially if it’s a loved one. When the police and emergency responders have completed their jobs, who is supposed to take care of the cleanup? The best choice is to hire professional after death cleaning services in Washington. If your home or business needs biohazard cleaning, professionals will use special equipment to ensure it’s cleaned correctly.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is the special professional gear used to protect people from exposure to harmful substances. It includes a body suit, chemical spill boots, filtered respirators, and non-porous gloves. They are disposable and only used once. When the biohazard has been cleaned up, their team properly disposes of PPEs in a hazardous waste container.

Professional Cleaning Products

Professionals can access specialized cleaning products but still use some standard cleaning products and equipment. They may use things you know, like sponges, bleach, and peroxide, but they will also bring specialized cleaners, such as solvents, to clean up the blood.

Professional Tools and Equipment

Professionals who perform after death cleaning services in Washington will have the special tools they need to work safely. They must use specially designed hazmat bags or containers for biohazardous materials to dispose of everything they use. They may also bring industrial-strength deodorizers like an ozone machine to eliminate smells and odors.

Other Death Scene Cleaning Tools

Professionals may bring other tools to the scene, including ladders or specialized long-reach brushes to reach tall ceilings or walls. They will also use specific products and devices for cleaning surfaces, such as upholstery and carpet.

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