Using X-Ray Thickness Systems for Various Applications

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Industrial Goods and Services

X-Ray transmissions are highly beneficial to thickness measuring systems. X-Rays are compatible with other in-line components so that they can be used to gauge thickness in a real-time environment. There are numerous applications for this type of system. Some of the common uses include:

  • Foils.

  • Fabrics.

  • Coated materials.

  • Film.

  • Electrode components for lithium-ion batteries.

This list is not exhaustive. To learn more about how x-ray thickness gauging can be used, contact Micro X-Ray Inc.

A Brief History of X-Ray Gauging

For years, companies have used x-ray fluorescence to measure thickness. XRF was chosen because the x-ray technology allowed for more penetration than possible with other techniques. This meant that XRF could measure certain types of coatings that other technologies couldn’t.

Since the development of XRF, other technologies have emerged to provide non-destructive testing. However, XRF continues to provide excellent results when working with particularly thin levels of coats and films. Thus, XRF is still widely used due to its proven performance with these materials. You’ll still find XRF in use at military labs, automotive manufacturing facilities and aerospace design facilities. The quality control provided by XRF is relied upon by many different industries.

The Benefits XRF

Using XRF for x-ray thickness gauging provides numerous benefits. First, it provides a means for the non-destructive analysis of thickness. It also is a very quick method that is highly accurate as well. Furthermore, XRF is effective at analyzing different layer types and materials. The last recognized benefit is that XRF can quickly calculate and store data for reporting.

The Most Common Applications

There are some commonly recognized applications for XRF. For example, single coatings on a substrate are widely used with the technology. It is also common to see multiple layer coatings over a substrate. XRF can even be used for plating baths requiring a solution analysis. There are numerous other applications that can benefit from XRF. Contact Micro X-Ray Inc. to get more information at

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