What’s So Great About 10 Year Smoke Alarms?

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Security

You’re looking into ways to improve safety in your home when someone notices that the smoke alarms are obviously out of date. While they still work, do they really provide the protection that comes with today’s 10 year sealed battery smoke alarms? The answer is no. Here are three reasons why you should toss the old alarms and install some new ones.

The Batteries Last Much Longer

The older alarms you have typically worn out the batteries after a year or so. By choosing to upgrade to 10 year sealed battery smoke alarms around the home, you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries as often. Think of how much easier it will be not to have to drag out a ladder and balance on a rung while you remove the cover, replace the battery, and then attempt to slide the cover back into position every year or so.

The Alarms Are Built to Last Too

It’s not just that the batteries in the newer units last much longer. Those 10 year sealed battery smoke alarms are also sturdier, easier to open and close when necessary, and in general higher in quality. The result is that you may never have to buy another home smoke alarm again.

The Technology Means Less Opportunity for False Alarms

Have you ever emerged from a hot shower only to have the steam trigger your smoke alarm? Attempting to keep a towel in place while you try to shut off the alarm is not the most graceful of activities. You can eliminate that by opting for one of the newer smoke alarms. While they still detect smoke, they are far less likely to sound a false alarm.

When was the last time you considered purchasing new smoke alarms. Today is a great time to check out the products offered by First Alert, Inc. and see what you think. While you are visiting Website.com remember to learn more about the fire extinguishers, lock boxes, and water alarms they offer. You will find everything that you need to protect your home in the event of a disaster.

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