Things to Consider Before You Sell an IPhone

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Business

Almost everyone today has a cell phone or mobile device of some kind and many people have at least two- one for work and one for personal use. When the time comes to upgrade and get new devices, many people are looking for ways to sell IPhones, tablets and other devices so they can buy new ones. If you are looking at getting a new IPhone or other device here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Do You Really Need One? Are you getting a new phone just because there is a new model out there and you want the new shinny phone or tablet everyone else has? Could you make do with the one you still have for a little longer? Many people buy new mobile devices based on wants rather than on needs.

What Will You Do With Your Old One? If you decide to go ahead and get a new phone, what will you do with the old one? There are many options available for recycling, donating and even finding ways to sell IPhones and other devices online for cash! There is no reason a phone that is out of date but still in good working order shouldn’t be put to good use so consider what you will do with it.

Do You Need an Upgrade? Buying a new phone is a chance to see if you need to make a change from what you currently have. Could you sue more date or an unlimited plan? Do you need to get phone lines for other family members? Whatever your life calls for, this is the chance to make sure you phone can keep up!

Can You Downsize to Save Money? Sometimes the opposite is true and buying a new phone is a chance to downsize. If you find you are paying for too much data or feature you do not want or use very often consider scaling back and going with a more basic plan.  It can save you a good bit of money each year which puts more money in your pocket to use for other things.

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