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Features To Consider For Your New Industrial Hand Dryer

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An industrial hand dryer is one of the best products to use because it offers durability and years of use. However, you may not know much about these dryers or their features, which can make the decision process a little tougher. When searching for a dryer, you’ll want to consider how fast they dry, how economical they are, and many others.

Dry Time

For most people, the dry time is the most important aspect of the industrial hand dryer. You don’t want employees and customers to stand around for minutes to get their hands dry. Nor do you want them to give up in frustration and use their clothing. Depending on the model, you can find quicker dry times of less than 15 seconds, some even lower.


While the speed of drying is important, it doesn’t make much difference if it is costly to operate. Therefore, look at the energy used. If the company doesn’t give the information, they may provide ways for you to calculate it yourself. You can also find calculators online that will help you determine how much it will cost to run the machine frequently.


It is imperative in this day and age that the industrial hand dryer you choose cannot be tampered with or stolen from the wall. Vandalism is likely prevalent in your area and even if your building. Therefore, you’ll want anti-tamper and anti-theft features to protect this investment.


The machine you choose must also be affordable. While it is likely to cost more than a paper towel dispenser, it’s not just about initial expenses. Consider how much it will cost to run and how much money you’ll save throughout the year. Then, you can determine how the investment is worthy of your hard-earned money.