The Importance of Proper Printer Cartridge Selection

by | May 31, 2016 | Business

Printer ink cartridges always seem to run out of ink at the worst possible time. That’s why it is important to know exactly where to go to purchase the right cartridge for your printer. Keeping pertinent information handy, like printer model and brand, and replacement cartridge numbers, can save valuable time. Do consider keeping a full printer cartridge handy for those times when you need it most.

Buy the Right Cartridge

Ink cartridges can be purchased in-store or online. The whole process of selecting the correct cartridge, however, can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, it is always important to have the correct printer information, as to avoid buying the wrong ink cartridge. There are a many number of Canon, HP, and other printers out on the market, and one cartridge from the same brand will not work on all printers of that brand. Locate the package information for the correct printer models that cartridge supports. Remember, once that package is opened, most probably it will not be able to be returned.

Know the Correct Type

Do you have an ink printer, or a laser printer? These are basic questions indeed, but necessary ones. Typically, ink jet printers use one black ink cartridge, and one color ink cartridge, which has three colors inside. Furthermore, there are some photo printers that require additional color cartridges.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Always follow package and manual instructions during cartridge installation. Never shake the printer cartridge, as this may result in ink splattering during its initial use. Additionally, most printers automatically begin an alignment routine, once it senses a new cartridge has been installed. If, however, your printer does not, it can easily be manually selected, usually from the control panel menu.

There is no need to panic when faced with an empty ink cartridge. Simply make sure you purchase the correct cartridge, and follow the proper procedure to install it.

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