It’s Time to Sell with Walmart Returns

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Business

Many small retailers are missing out on big savings with Walmart returns. Of course you have to be able to have access to this bevvy of items that you can easily resell. Purchasing these items in bulk from a trusted dealer can really result in huge savings for your online store, brick and mortar store or even for your flea market stall. There are some clear advantages to buying products that are easily familiar to the consumer and then reselling them at a nice mark-up.

How it Works

Obviously you cannot simply walk into your local Walmart and ask them if you can buy off their returns (even though they likely have many pallets of perfectly good items in storage) so you have to use other methods to get your hands on these very sellable items.

Here are the steps to finding items that you can resell at a cut rate:

  1. Find a trusted wholesaler
  2. View the inventory regularly
  3. Make the purchase for the goods you are interested in
  4. Set up shop!

Trusted Wholesaler

This is the tricky step. You have to find a wholesaler that does not rifle through the pallets when they arrive, you would be surprised at how many do. You want to choose a wholesaler that offers a wide selection of inventory regularly so that they can be your “go to source” whenever your stocks are running low.

Check Everyday

Once you have picked a trusted wholesaler you have to be committed to checking the inventory every day because if you are doing business with the right source they will have new shipments coming in pretty regularly.

Take the Plunge

Make the purchase. It is fast and easy, all you need is cash!

Set Up Shop

Start selling! Than repeat the cycle (you can omit step 1 once you have a source).

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