Technology Wave on the West Coast – The Top Storage Solutions in California

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Business

Today’s businesses are driven by data, and data and storage go hand and hand. Here are five storage solutions that are big in California.

A Network-Attached Storage System

Network-attached storage solutions keep everyone connected. Unlike other corporate backup systems, a NAS syncs to a company’s network instead of a standalone server.

From a financial standpoint, this is an expensive storage solution, but it’s great for a growing business because it’s easy to scale.

A Direct-Attached Storage System

A direct-attached storage system needs a computer and a hard drive. It can help you back up a lot of data.

All DAS systems are fast and affordable. However, they are not for everyone because they have one limitation. In order to share data, you’ll have to physically move the units from workstation to workstation.

Traditional Media

Old-school media sources like CDs, DVDs, and zip drives are still useful today. They’re not suitable for all scenarios, but they’re excellent for occasional backups.

In this category, Blu-rays are leading the way because they’re readily available and cost-effective. You can store up to 128 GB of data on a blank Blu-ray disc.

A Cloud-Based Storage System

Cloud storage is practical, flexible, affordable, and scalable. The cloud is basically an online storage system for data. You can access it in any place that has a Wi-Fi connection.

A Disaster-Protected Storage System

A disaster-protected storage system is waterproof and fireproof. It’s the best storage solution for critical data.

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