Responsible Solvent Recycling Measures in Chicago for a Greener Earth

by | Mar 4, 2020 | ENGINEERING

We are a chemical-using society. Chemicals are everywhere, and though not all bad — many make our lives much more comfortable and more manageable — some, like solvents, have select properties that make safe disposal unique.

Most household goods include several solvents that can be detrimental to the environment. It’s a well-known fact that consuming solvents can be fatal to humans, but what about the earth? How do trees, soil, and air respond to hazardous chemicals?

A solvent recovery system reduces environmental impact because it uses a solvent recycling equipment to process chemical substances. Within the process, contaminated solvents are heated safely and converted into reusable solvents.

From cleaning chemicals and cosmetics to detergents and paints, solvents can be combustible or release unhealthy vapors. Manufacturers of these products have to follow special, careful rules to reduce health risks for its employees in the making, inspecting, and packaging of these items.

Many health and beauty companies are stepping up to do their part in incorporating greener efforts that are friendlier for the environment. Organic solvents may be less harmful on the skin, for example, but can still affect the air or ground when disposed of.

As a result of the recycling proponent, businesses save money. Solvent recovery systems don’t just reduce waste. Profits increase when waste is low also.

The machines do the work, but everyone wins. Chicago Boiler, aka CB Mills, carries environmentally conscious machines for solvent recycling that get the job done with a clean conscience for chemical manufacturing businesses.

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