3 Tips to Help Maintain Residential Fire Sprinklers in America

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Fire Protection Service

Regular maintenance of home fire sprinklers ensures that a home is safe and entirely protected from fires. Fire sprinklers can increase any home’s chances of surviving a fire by over 82 percent. With the help of the sprinklers, the fire will be kept small and under control. That will make it easier for someone to put it out and prevent it from spreading throughout the home.

Home fire sprinkler system maintenance is important, but how can one properly maintain it to keep it in good shape? Here are a few tips people can follow to keep the residential fire sprinkler up to date and in good condition:

1. Prevent People From Blocking the Sprinkler

It is always important to make sure that no one paints over the residential fire sprinklers or block off the heads with furniture and other outdoor items. Doing this can prevent the water from flowing and prevent the sprinklers from detecting and deflecting heat. It is also a good idea to remove any dust or debris from the sprinklers. Try to keep them as clean as possible.

2. Keep the Valves Open

Always try to keep the control valves open when it comes to residential fire sprinkler maintenance. The control valves help control the water flow. Of course, if they are being blocked or being kept from staying open, it will disturb the water flow and decrease the effectiveness of the sprinklers. This can be incredibly hazardous if a fire were to start since the sprinklers wouldn’t be able to help keep the fire under control.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Always contact qualified professionals to inspect, install, repair, or help maintain fire sprinkler systems. Make sure that the workers of the company are certified and have proof that they are qualified to perform on the system.

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