Remote Depositions and Mediations in Miami Provide Unexpected Benefits

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Virtual Law Office

The pandemic has altered the business landscape by prompting a move to remote working. The practice of law has been affected as well. Even depositions and mediation, which are typically in-person activities, are currently being held almost entirely through virtual means.

Deposition and Mediation Services

Remote deposition and mediation services in Miami assist attorneys and mediators by professionally handling the logistical details. This frees up legal professionals to focus on the core, and most important, deposition and mediation activities. Such as studying the case, preparing questions for witnesses, and gathering complete evidence.

The increased use of remote formats that emulate same-room interaction, including real-time exhibit presentation, on-screen annotations, and virtual breakout rooms has turned up unexpected benefits for both clients and litigators.

Benefits of a Virtual Setting

With virtual tools, remote deposition and mediation services in Miami offer national reach. In addition, they handle all the logistical details that would be required in an in-person setting, and are producing these other benefits:

  • Flexible, easy-to-set-up deposition and mediation scheduling, coordinating availability of all participants, sending notifications
  • Certified court reporters and other legal support services engaged as needed
  • Maximized efficiency for all participants through home or office depositions
  • Cost-savings for both clients and attorneys due to reduced travel time
  • Encrypted communications for security and privacy of all meetings
  • Billing coordination

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