How Can Nevada Residents Qualify For Free Government Phones?

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Phone service provider

Imagine trying to live without your smartphone. Think of the many tasks each day you do with your phone. Most people check emails, call friends and family, stay in touch with work, and even do online searches to find the best deals on groceries or other items.

Many people in Nevada are unable to afford the cost of smartphones and plans offered by providers. This puts these individuals at a disadvantage and can even create a safety concern if they cannot call emergency services.

For these individuals, the Lifeline Program is in place in Nevada, providing government phones and cell phone plans to low-income families throughout the state. While often considered a new program, it has been in place since 1985, with the program expanding to keep up with technology.

Where to Apply

There are different providers that offer government phones Nevada and plans under the Lifeline Program. Residents of Nevada can apply through the approved Lifeline Program service providers.

The application process can be completed online or by phone, but the easiest and fastest way to get approved is to apply online. People who qualify for or are using government programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, tribal assistance programs, or those with federal public housing assistance can apply to get government phones and plans at no cost.

Other government programs can also qualify the individual, so check the websites of the Lifeline Program providers for more information on eligibility. In addition, if the income is 135% of the federal poverty income guidelines, it is also possible to apply. Filling out the online application is the easiest way to determine if you are eligible for a free smartphone and plan through the program.

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